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    Metaler got a reaction from Funyarinpa in Corrupt A Wish   
    Granted, but...

    I wish I had a dakimakura.
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    Metaler got a reaction from Sieg in Date A Live: A Must watch anime for vn lovers   
    It's out!
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    Metaler got a reaction from eclipsezero in Tsukihime: I hear good things...   
    I never managed to finish hisui and kohaku routes. I dunno why, but they didn't interest me. Are they worth it?

    Also, I personally loved Arc's new design. I think it fits her personality a lot better.
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    Metaler got a reaction from Sakimichi in Your favorite Haganai Girl   
    Niku and Rika are my favorites, followed by Kate and Yukimura. I dunno, there's just something about Niku that's increadibly appealing, apart from her boobs. And of course, Rika's just awesome. Some of my favorite scenes came from her.

    And I think we all know who Kodaka should end up with, fellas, AND THAT PERSON IS:

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    Metaler got a reaction from eclipsezero in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Hey guys, name's Metaler. Or just Mets, Meta, or what have you! I've been registered in these forums for a while now, but I never managed to post anything, much less write an introduction!

    So yeah, I'm your average guy, studying linguistics in college and generally just lazying around, haha. I've been interested in anime and manga ever since I was a little brat, when I watched DBZ, Pokemon and Digimon. Around my first year of high school, I discovered visual novels after the Tsukihime anime was dubbed here, and I found out it was based on one. I had already heard that the anime was terribad, so I decided to try out the VN and I was hooked. Loved it to death, and it's a memorable classic to me. Afterwards, I tried out Yume Miru Kusuri, and shiiiiit son, that turned out to be one of my personal favorites. I still remember Aeka's route like it was yesterday. Later, I tried out some other classics like Fate/Stay Night and Sharin no Kuni, most of which I still have very fond memories of.
    Lately, I've been trying to expand to trying out VNs in Japanese, so about a year and a half ago, I started studying Japanese after finding Tae Kim's guide and Aaeru's blog post. Ever since then, I gotta say my Japanese improved a lot... At least in terms of reading, haha. I finished all of the Sono Hanabira games, having understood most of what was writter, and I'm currently playing through Dracu-Riot. I also tried out Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu, but damn, that's too hard for me. But I'll read it someday! I ain't gonna leave that adorable Rui waiting forever.

    Apart from that, I just generally try to take it easy as much as possible. I'm pretty lazy, but at least I don't let it get to me, haha.
    I love reading, and I generally enjoy pretty much any kind of story. I don't have many preferences, even within the realm of eroge... I just stay away from rape games and I have very little interest in nukige, mostly (though I did try out Bishoujo Mangekyou...)

    I'm also interested in philosophy, and I've been pretty interested in Taoism lately. Good vibes, dude. I love easy-going and peaceful thoughts.

    Aaaand, well, that's it, I suppose. I'm sure we'll get to know each other better with time.

    Aw hell, I'm just blathering about like crazy. Cheers, and take it easy!
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    Metaler reacted to zoom909 in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Hi Metaler, glad to know you (I'm also a longtime anime/manga fan who learned some Japanese)

    Saw it. That was one of my first animes, too! Except I saw it circa 1994, on SCI-FI cable channel
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    Metaler reacted to Mephisto in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    ようこそう,Metaler. Although you've technically been here longer than me . Enjoy yourself.
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    Metaler reacted to Ryoji in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   

    Its funny you mentioned being a "Little Brat"

    My First anime that i remember was Robotech. 1985 i believe it was. ( Yes im extremely old) Been a fan ever since. My dad was stationed in Japan when i was young so I got exposed to anime very early.

    There were many shows I saw that were not translated. Mostly mecha and cute animals, stuff like that
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    Metaler reacted to Mikel in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Welcome to Fuwanovel ^^

    I guess we're the same here, my childhood was based especially on Dragon Ball, but I enjoyed Pokemon and Digimon as well.

    I've wanted to play Tsukihime for some time, but I watched the anime and it wasn't good. When I heard about the remake I thought I would wait for it, but it could be a long time until it goes out. And another long time until it's translated. I'll probably end up playing it soon.
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    Metaler reacted to Daeyamati in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Good to have you with us on the forums! Have you heard about the Tsukihime remake? The art looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Are you helping out with the Dracu-Riot trans'n project?

    Also (last question, I promise lol) did you learn Japanese through the Heisig method? I've tried learning Japanese for a while now and have been very hesitant on whether or not I should commit to it (tried it a couple times, but it didn't exactly work for me; but I'm willing to give it another shot).
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    Metaler reacted to Sieg in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Hello there fellow Brazillian, welcome to the Fuwan =D
    I see you claim to be lazy, yet you're trying to learn japanese on your own, gotta respect that. In that regard, I'm lazier than you, I only play translated VN -.-
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    Metaler reacted to Ryoji in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Welcome to the Fuwanovel Community Meta!!

    So good to hear another person say they are hooked. Youll find that your among friends here Meta. We all feel the same way.
    I actually agree with you about "rape" games and nukige. Just not my thing.

    Well anyway, If you have any questions or anything, let us know. Were all friends here so please, make yourself at home.
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    Metaler reacted to Down in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   

    What refined tastes you have here B)