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  1. Hehe, I've been browsing pixiv for a long time and so I have a collection of lovely anime art built up over the years. I'm never short of profile pics. The full pic is https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/100006841 if you're curious ^^ The coding does get aggravating at times with errors and trying to figure out how to do something very specific or having it done in a very specific way, but the writing itself is always very fun! Actually I don't know if I'm a true visualnovel fan, as I tend to dislike games having multiple endings and choices (i.e. the illusion of choice). I'm indifferent to dating sims as well, and it's weird since sometimes the term 'visual novel' is synonymous with all of those things. But I enjoy visual novels as in the medium itself and having the art and the music and the characters to tell a good story. I feel that seeing the characters and having everything be mostly dialogue makes VNs different from reading a book or regular novel; like it's its own experience. Thanks for the suggestion I have a backlog of visual novels I've yet to read and I'll go add Arterial to the list XD
  2. Helloooo! I am Seceria o.o I discovered Fuwanovel this November while writing the next episode in my visual novel for this year's nano. I lurked around here for a day, but come to think of it... My first visual novel was technically Katawa Shoujo. My friendo in intermediate school told me about it so I played it, which was... an experience. At the time I didn't know that it was a visual novel, or what visual novels were, or that there were more of them. A few years later I sign up on steam to play Team Fortress 2 with said friendo, and some more years later I discover visual novels on steam. My induction into visual novels was Fault milestone one, which was completely amazing and made me promptly go to read the second one and I am STILL waiting for the next one! Time passes and I consume ISLAND, Lucy the eternity she wished for, Newton and the Apple tree, World End Economica, Heart of the Woods, Doki Doki Literature Club... Then last year I stumble across RenPy. Armed with the Python knowledge gained from my last year of highschool and first year of university the time had come to see if I could do anything with it. Writing my own visual novel turned out to be a very fun time and so come to think of it, I've read more than one or two visualnovels in the past, and now... I've written one... So I've kinda already become a visualnovel fan somewhere along the way without realizing it... I have many hobbies - I play videogames (I still play TF2 to this day!), I play piano and compose piano music, I've written script fics and dabbled in a bit of roleplaying in the past, and I'm bad at chess. Let's add coding RenPy and visual novels on top of that, shall we!? Nice to meet you all!
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