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  1. If someone managed to extract the files for shingakkou noli me tangere, can you please send them to me? I am thinking of fantraslating it, and also would love to have the voice scripts and bgm. thank you!
  2. UUULTRA C! Is great! Showa era, kaijuu and ofc bl too heh. Same author did hashihime, another masterpiece! KUDOS to the translator, did an awesome job! Isshiki moe shouchan
  3. Good to hear! If someone decides to make a patch for this vn then they can ask for help
  4. I try for days to unpack them, but I can't .... You can try this, it uses yu-ris engine. The game will be ported to steam too, so the engine will be unity (probably). So what can do is take the r18+ text and translate it and once the game is out put it in along with the cg. Or do the opposite, take the English text and put it in the Japanese version. You need someone ace in programming overall and translator.
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