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  1. Like what I said in Discord - I do have plans to. Priority towards non-Steam translated games (since finding any guides means googling it and Fuwanovel should not miss being part of it), but would put any of Steam ones if I really wanted to. Just that...well, maybe to find ideas to do which ones. Anyway, thanks for the huge compliment. Appreciate it very much.
  2. Full Metal Daemon Muramasa (Soukou Akki Muramasa - 装甲悪鬼村正) JAST Store page (uncensored) GOG Store page (GOG version uncensor patch) SUMMARY This is not a story of heroes. Since time immemorial, warriors called musha have ruled the battlefield, granted supernatural power by their enchanted suits of armor - tsurugi. Minato Kageaki is one such musha, driven by duty to don his crimson armor and challenge the greatest evils of an age. But though madmen and tyrants fall to his blade, never will he claim that his battle is right. For the tsurugi he wields is cursed Murama
  3. I dunno to doubt this or not. The thing is the HD Steam version also finally includes Japanese texts as well, although the Japanese only HD version has been sold in the domestic market for some while (in 2020 if one can check the VNDB). They could add the text simultaneously or even earlier since VisualArts-Key has the full right for HD on Steam from the start. On top of it, Sekai's version still hasn't announced to be off market for now, comparing to some license-end scenario like Navel's Shuffle under both Mangagamer and Yumehaven, in addition of they only had English and Simplified Ch
  4. Well, it's also delaying for the JP release as well, so the problem is particularly on Aquaplus side. They also announced about this delay: https://twitter.com/AQUAPLUS_JP/status/1568071700939669504?s=20&t=AvtQNRX1WAXNTdO1o_NDsw According to Aquaplus....some of the staff gets COVID so it messed up some of their finishing schedules.
  5. Kinda late to the thread but just informed everybody here that I made one on this site: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/25413-summer-pockets/ I made it updated to Reflection Blue version as the patch already out for a while now.
  6. Summer Pockets Reflection Blue English Patch by Alka Translation is now available Original version on Steam Summary Summer Pockets is set on an isolated, rural and peaceful island on the Seto Inland Sea called Torishirojima, which has a population of about 2,000 people. The protagonist is Hairi Takahara, a young man not native to the island. Hairi grew up in an urban setting, but after an unpleasant incident he uses the recent death of his grandmother as an excuse to come to the island to take care of her estate sale. Once there, he gets to know four girls who are the focus
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