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  1. I'm currently playing Grisaia no Kajitsu. The common route has very funny moments to the point where I can laugh once I see the character say something funny. But the common route seems very long to me. Longer than Hoshizora no Memoria's (VN I finished before Grisaia) This VN can get really serious when your in a route. Currently on Makina's route.( My first route in the VN)
  2. Apparently I found my solution to this problem. So what I did was change my screen resolution in the graphics card control panel. My graphics card is an IntelĀ® HD Graphics Family card. I changed the scaling options to "Scale to Full Screen". I did that but I still had black borders. Then I found out that you can press these certain keys on your keyboard. Thee Keys are ctrl + alt + f11. Then the black borders went away. It apparently changes the GPU scaling I think. So now my problem is solved.
  3. I had the same problem as well when I first opened My Girlfriend is the President. I think this problem happens because the VN has .xp3 files in the folder. Win8 can't really support .xp3 files. ( This is what I think, so I'm not sure if it's true.) So if there's .xp3 files, might as well put the dll file from the folder.
  4. I'm just wondering, has this happened before in the past? I'm still new here at the forums. I was surprised when I saw the front page down.
  5. Well I finally finished Mare's route! Too bad her route is short. This was a great visual novel! Now this thread can finally be closed since this problem is now solved!
  6. Thanks,I will go and see if the choices appear. I will reply again once I finish the route before this problem is solved.
  7. So the last two choices appear when your in Yume's route? They don't appear in Common Route? Zakamutt, I know what you mean. I have Yume's pic as wallpaper on my Phone since I enjoyed her route
  8. Well I hope I'm putting this in the right place. Anyways I am currently having trouble getting into Mare's route. For some reason, choices 11 and 12 aren't appearing. I looked at the walkthrough and I made all the choices that are supposed to lead into Mare's route. After the 10th choice, no more choices appear and I start to go into Yume's route again after the common route ends. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Do I have to play Yume's route again to get into Mare's route? I'm also not sure but there are small chibi forms of the characters next to some choices. So I'm not sure what I can be doing wrong.
  9. Ok, where can I find these settings? I just got confused at nvidia and some other things in that website that was posted to help me with my problems. Also is it also possible for me to change my screen resolution so that game's full screen option works properly?
  10. Whenever I enter full screen mode in the options setting, it makes the game in to full screen, but it's not "full screen". The game is around the same size as you play it in the windowed version and the rest is just blank. If I were to describe on how it looks it looks like a small window with the game without expanding its screen resolution and staying the same size even though I clicked the full screen option. That's how it looks on my laptop. Umm how can I put more details into explaining this, umm. Well one thing I know is that option works properly its just that it doesn't increases the screen resolution into a bigger size and stays in its windowed size even though it went to full screen mode. If my explanation doesn't makes sense to you, I can try sending a picture on the forums. I hope I explained it well....... I'm not sure if this is a good explanation.
  11. Hello Fuwanovel! My problem here is that fullscreen mode doesn't work properly on my Windows 8 laptop.This applies to all the Sono Hanabira games.The Fullscreen option seems to work fine on my other VN's such as Hoshizora no Memoria. I don't know how to fix this.I've tried running as an admin but no luck. I'll try to reply as soon as possible in this thread to see if any of your guys suggestions work.
  12. Hello Fuwanovel! I want to ask if anybody knows how to fix my problem. I can't seem to open My Girlfriend is the President on my Windows 8 Laptop. I always get this message when I click the exe file, "Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. / NM." I know this was originally supposed to run on Windows 7. All of my other VN's work fine such as Sono Hanabira. Does it mean it's not compatible with my laptop? I really want to play this VN again. Here are the specs for it. Scenario Oranoshita Hajime, Miyazou, TokinoArtNimura Yuuji, Hisatake, Aona Masao Supported OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 System Specs 2 GB HD space, 128 MB Memory, Pentium 4 or higher processor recommended, DirectX compatible graphics and sound card. Media1 DVD-ROM Minimum Resolution 800x600 Music Format OggVorbis All characters Voices fully voiced except the protagonist. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  13. Well my problem is now fixed. When I saw the FAVORITE folder in my windows 8 computer, I saw a save folder. I pretty much copied my saved files on my USB to the save folder in the FAVORITE folder. All of my saved files came back and i can play where i left off. Well thanks Nayleen, you helped me a lot.
  14. Well I'm on my XP PC and I went to where you told me. I'm not sure but, I see a messed up letters folder. I open it and it say stuff like Game data and save data. I'm not sure if its the FAVORITE folder. I also see no sign of a FAVORITE folder in place you told me to go.
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