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    denpa, horror, yaoi+yuri/GL+BL/the gay shit, Sci-Fi
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    Much more focused on sexual/reproductive rights/education and sexual analysis of VN's as opposed to normal reviews
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  1. Hey hi hello! I go by Maiagaru or Maia Mae and I am your friendly, denpa enthusiast academic, here to share some of my work in sexology with y'all at Fuwanovel. I have a Bachelor's in Women's and Ethnic Studies (known colloquially as Feminist Theory), and Associates in Mass Media Communications and Dance Choreography... though I'm sure that last one isn't as important here. I'm in the process of getting my Masters in Sexology and my Sex Education Certificate through AASECT. I aspire to receive a PhD in Psycho/Socio-Sexology and finish my career at the Kinsey Institute as a researcher. If none of what I've just said made any sense, feel free to check out my quick and dirty run down on the field of Sexology here at my website. My goal here at Fuwanovel is to provide you with some of my direct knowledge and work within the field (analyses on nukige visual novels or other story heavy pornographic works - full academic papers available on my website and edited down for casual consumption over here on Fuwa), as well as occasional interviews with people in the visual novel industry and reviews on newly released and upcoming English visual novels. 私の日本語は本当に悪いですよ。ごめんね~ My favorite visual novels include Saya no Uta, the Zero Escape series, Kara no Shoujo (MangaGamer do the third game pls), Euphoria, Maggot Baits, Totono, and Subahibi. Feel free to hit me up here, through the Fuwanovel discord, or through Twitter @that1denpachick. I'm excited to meet you all!
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