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  1. I like Japanese for arts and literature, German for non-fiction and science. Sometimes I act like an anglophobe and rail against yankees, but I actually find English OK. You can't really bring yourself to hate a language which brings you great practical value. There are many interesting languages in the world, but languages I would actually learn and have learned a tiny bit are Russian and French. Similar to German, there are many texts of significant scientific value for me written in these languages. Examples would be French Physiocracy and Soviet Political Economy. I study namely
  2. Now that I think of it, Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp was the first EVN I ever managed to coom to... Thank you (?)
  3. When I go on Twitter, I see that the trending seasonal anime always receives a torrent of fanart. Last cour was Lycoris Recoil. Some time ago was Spy x Family. But yeah, I experience a similar feeling of detachment from the larger community too. For quite some time I haven't been able to get as excited about anime as I was in school age. I can think of various reasons why, but I think a huge part of it is pessimism caused by caring too much about what happens in the outside world. It sapps away attention and energy, which could've been invested in enjoyable, creative hobbies. As long as w
  4. Generally speaking, I tend to lean on the tolerant side when it comes to anime or movie adaptions of visual novels. Their length and branching nature makes it a difficult task for a film adaption. Also, bishoujo game companies as a rule don't have as much money as let's say big manga publishers like Kadokawa or Kodansha. Combined with the erotic/violent/taboo subject matter, visual novels have a much smaller chance of getting an adaption as a manga or a light novel. Or at least that's how I understand the state of affairs of the eroge industry in Japan 2022. That we get a screened adaption of
  5. But I haven't done anything Mr. Officer!!
  6. My name is Hiromi-sama. I am a 27 year old Erogamer... is what I'd like to say, but I'm not that close yet to becoming a wizard. I started learning Japanese long before I had an idea what I was doing with my life. As a result, now I can read and listen most Japanese media with ease. Unfortunately, these days I mostly end up using my superior intellect to train my katana to 18禁 ASMR on DLsite. Just kidding, I usually squander my time acquiring rights to animated JPEGs of 2D girls on my mobile device (Arona-chan Izuna-chan uohh Yuuka-chan UOHH ). Jokes aside, these days my cont
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