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    The game is a parody spin-off of the original game taking place in 2284 in Nevada and California in a parallel universe. Here violence is forbidden, but booze, smoking and sex are normal things to do and to speak of and humanity tends to preserve itself from extinction! So, the whole thing reminds of the ‘normal’ world of 1980s and the main plot is about love and freedom.

    itch.io | discord | patreon



    You will take the fate of a virgin 18-year-old son of the Elder of the Bruhood’o’Spill into your own hands after he escapes from his native bunker at his 18th birthday to face the challenges of the harsh world of the sex apocalypse. You will travel along with him through the dangerous Grossland, visit the glamorous neon city of Nu Vagis, fight New California Empire and the Flock of Tiberius for freedom and of course meet a bunch of cool girls and help them overcome the difficulties of living in a new world.

    For this you’ll have to upgrade all of your character’s six S.E.X.U.A.L. skills and gain all the perks and achievements completing numerous quests and mini-games, learning to listen to the girls, understanding their needs and acting accordingly. All of these things are truly essential for the young adventurer. But you’ll surely want to check it for yourself.



    We plan an unimaginable amount of various stuff. The main features of B.O.N.V. are:

    • Easily recognizable, good old world of Fallout post apocalypse, yet repacked and totally reshaped with fun and love to the new world of Balls Out sex apocalypse
    • Zany and funny but at times truly dramatic storylines
    • Branching dialogues & uneasy choices
    • Beautiful, 100% hand-crafted art
    • Lots of juicy animated & controlled stuff
    • Awesome soundtrack, specially crafted for the game
    • Highly interactable environment
    • Multilayered maps for exploring local areas and the world both on foot and by car
    • Hundreds of locations to visit and hundreds of persons to meet
    • RPG elements like leveling up, upgrading skills and gaining perks
    • Inventory and monetary systems
    • Lots of mini-games

    As for now, not all of the listed features are in the game. But we know how to make this stuff and we’ll introduce it in the nearest future.



    • Currently the game is in development by us – Peepboy Co – a team of professional writers, designers, film and music makers. Here we are:
    • Peepboy – a person of many skills and experience. Team lead. Plans everything, designs the game, programs, writes all in-game texts, translates and creates sound landscapes and SFX.
    • Kai Evlian – brilliant artist and professional film maker. Art director. Creates beautiful backgrounds and astonishing movies, animates stuff and makes everything look like a single whole. Oh, and tests like God.
    • XXXD – a cool artist regardless of the task. Character & stuff artist, animation artist who creates all these cute face expressions, costumes, poses of the characters and the juiciest stuff as well.
    • Willow Johnson – our Mysterious Stranger, who “appears occasionally in hostile random encounters to help us”. Makes truly random stuff like drawing maps, designing UI, researching & marketing, web-designing, testing and so on. Swiss army man in his best embodiment.
    • RetroID – a well-known sound producer under the new alias. Makes awesome music for you like the title track or the one for the map.
    • Antonious Dong – a great cinematic composer. It is Dong’s music that you can hear in the intro and many other scenes.

    Also, we are being helped by a professional web designer and tester, but as for now, this person prefers to keep a low profile.


    Peepboy believes in B.O.N.V. so much that it has already become his full-time job with the perspective to go on for many years and to expand the company in order to develop and enhance this game and create more cool games. Other members of Peepboy Co also plan to make their creation processes their full-time jobs.

    And this is where you come into it. As I said, B.O.N.V. is in development, which has just started. Right now, we are making an update including several new scenes, characters and 20+ minutes of new gaming experience for you. And the game will surely be developed further as long as all of us continue giving our love to it. By us I mean you, our beloved patrons, and the BONV team.

    You can share your love by selecting one of the tiers above, joining our Discord server, reading patron posts, taking part in our surveys and polls, giving us your precious feedback, and of course playing the game.

    We, on the other side, are going to transform your love into the cutest storylines, beautiful art, lively animation, stunning mini-games and an unforgettable overall adult gaming experience.

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