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    Timur345 reacted to afhsh in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    The other day I saw some dudes on 4chan talking about some Noratoto's restoration patch and they said this:

    So it seems that there are some people working on a restoration patch (except for Shachi). I don't know anything more about it or who this Moeanon is (I checked, and it seems he has a profile around here at least). Since I never use 4chan, I just happened to stumble upon this conversation by coincidence the one time I entered the site, so I figured I'd post it here to see if anyone knows anything about it or if any of those guys are active around here too.
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    Timur345 reacted to Natsuyoshi in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Alright so I read that the patch is done since they restored all the CGs but only thing missing is the english translation but I don't really care about it. Does someone have the patch or a way for me to contact the team ? Since I can read japanese and I bought Nora to Oujo recently i'd just be glad to restore all the CGs !
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    Timur345 reacted to Yagami in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Thats a bullshit,so they claims later who we prefer to piracy their VNs ¬¬
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    Timur345 reacted to Bathhouse_Owner in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Ah, sorry for not answering for a while.
    We're still alive. Progress has been slow for a while due to some internal problems, but we're still making progress I can assure you of that.
    Our programmer got some free time recently, so he can begin work on Noratoto 2. Maybe. We'll see.
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    Timur345 reacted to Bathhouse_Owner in Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project   
    Hey, it's been a while. Now that our hacker and translator are back in action, we should be able to continue the project. And in fact, I bring good news:
    Proud to announce that we're releasing another partial, with Yuuki's Hscenes!
    Also a progress update on the others:
    Michi: 100% translated, 25% edited.
    Shachi: Starting up.
    Patricia - 1 Scene translated and edited. On hold.
    (linecount pending)
    If everything goes well, next patch should come in a month or so, and the one after that before the end of the year.
    Extra stuff: so, a few post back I said we'll be releasing a version with honorifics. I decided to put that on pause while we deal with how to restore the missing/censored lines from the non-H script. I hope it's not much trouble.
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