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  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work WJHB. Genuinely this VN Translation would be dead in the water if not for you
  2. I've uploaded a patch file with the current progress of the patch. Has the last two merge requests from @WaifusAndSyrup and @WJHB so Keika should be mostly translated and everything up to WJHB's last merge are ready to be played. Thanks for the work on this guys! Let me know if there are any issues with this patch file. If there are, I can see to fixing it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1096073356119396352/1123128321308369068/data6.pack
  3. These files that are being detected are false positives and are safe. They're needed to convert the files into the pack file
  4. Thank you for all the work you're doing on this. Whenever you get the chance, request a merge and ill publish a patch file
  5. Fair point @WJHB. Thread can be used for general updates but for sake of communication, Here's a discord for the project. I'll add some channels in a bit but at least we can talk in real time in here. https://discord.gg/fbAMZT8F
  6. @WJHB I'll start uploading compiled patches once they get merged with the master branch and providing them in the repo
  7. Looks like WaifusandSyrup is going to be editing the Keika files. I've made a new branch just merging all the translated files from Randomer and they've already forked it. They're going to make an account on the forum soon but there was apparently some issue. Oh well
  8. Been trying to see if anyone else would be willing to help out the translation efforts but nobody else yet Again Thank you so much WJHB for all the work you've done so far!
  9. Just merged to master. Pretty neat that you spoke to the author about that. Did you mention anything regarding doing this for an english version and did they say anything about it?
  10. The tools and instructions to create the pack file is in the github repo. At the moment, Everything HMFan has translated is already added to the main code repo so if you were to clone it and build the patch, it would include whatever HMFan has done as well as everything WJHB has done since her first Merge Request. I don't mind uploading pre-patched files though if needed. @WJHB Would you be cool with creating a new merge request with the stuff you've worked on?
  11. I am halfway through the second hypnosis scene right now. There is a typo on line 1756 in 03rui_020.s that I caught. Looks like you repeated a line there. I'm almost done proofreading but other than that small error, so far so good.
  12. Thanks for the work you’re putting into this man. I’ll give it a play through and merge if there isn’t anything broken
  13. So that data8.pack file needs to be loaded last for the common route to not break. I renamed it to data10.pack in the event that we still want to just rely on the priority of files loading instead of replacing the original file with a patched one. Lets keep this in mind for the future
  14. I've merged your pull request into the master branch. Thanks for helping out on this project. Even just this little bit done is huge
  15. That's fair. I forgot QLIE prioritizes higher Data packs. better than overwriting the original game files
  16. So I actually have a data8.pack from HMFan with a UI translation. That’s why I was just replacing 6. I can see about uploading it
  17. @WJHB I've gone and moved the scenario files into a subfolder and added the rest of the data6.pack files to allow for easier building of the pack file for others. Hopefully this doesn't mess with anything too much for you
  18. If I knew Japanese I would definitely help out on that front. For now though I think it would be best to set like a style guide on how things are handled if multiple people are going to contribute. This is a good starting point and can definitely change it around depending on what needs to be done. I'm going to be updating the readme in the repo with this as well as how to use the tools
  19. Since you're working on the Rui route, maybe this can be of use to you. Cradily from Hypnohub translated a bit of that route. Not sure if you've already gotten to that point yet but may be some help to you. https://pastebin.com/xGNevYmU
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