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  1. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Yeah I can agree with what you said about their styles. They look like a lot of fun and I like that style the most though. And both Maru and Polt were Prime terrans so
  2. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Regarding MLG Anaheim:
  3. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Holy thread revival. Sadly I've only been watching HomeStory Cup 9 when I've had time. Looks like I missed out on a lot On the topic of TotalBiscuit though, he sure is a trooper to do this right after that whole cancer problem (not that it's over either).
  4. Fuwanovel Osu! Thread

    And I've been pure mousing since forever (a lot my first year (2009?), on and off up to now) and I don't play that well. I agree. Pure mouse master race hurrah.
  5. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Played Brood War and didn't know about it until like 3 years ago. Still... Let's not forget the one he did last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZOR8JoxSqo Haven't gotten to ladder in a while because of exams... And CSGO.

  7. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Well people have been talking about MMR decay lately as well as how the divisions were redivided. I went from diamond to gold after not playing for a few months. Well the "free edition" is about to have almost all the features of SCII except for ladder and campaign so its not exactly the worst thing in the world.
  8. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Well that was Wings of Liberty and hardly anyone ever goes brood lords these days now... I do scan their base to check if they have Hive now. . And I've HAD HotS since day 1 I believe... Did you not know? Got on just in time to see the end of Bomber vs Scarlett in Red Bull Battlegrounds: NYC, and omg, those baneling mines.
  9. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    No I mean't that I was dead lol. I don't participate on the forum and hardly in IRC anymore. Speaking of Starcraft though... I've been getting back into practice to play for CSL (division 2/"casual" lol) this season so if anyone wants to play, I'll probably be on. It pretty easy to contact me on IRC as well.
  10. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    All of a sudden, dead thread is alive. And dead forum member is alive. Best part about that video was the GGlords... I could never get the viking transition right back in WoL... Mostly due to bad scouting of the hive.
  11. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Lets not forget the player reactions now.
  12. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Just gotta get some quality practice and watch your replays carefully. That is, if you know how to watch your replays for mistakes. For me... Clearly I can improve pretty quickly if I played more considering my promotions. Oh well, I've got a good summer to get good before college hehe
  13. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Neither do hellbats, which I prefer to build in TvZ.
  14. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Yeah. In TvT, the widow mine is really annoying. It's so OP that Terran always wins. Honestly, I don't find it that difficult to micro one marine into it or anything... You just have to be good at micro. And generally I don't really build widow mines so I wouldn't know how good they are.
  15. Fuwanovel StarCraft Thread

    Wow, I finally got out of platinum league for the first time in like 2-3 years! And I'm still bad! And if anyone's wondering, it's not that I hit a wall in improving my skills either... I just don't play enough.