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  1. Sorry for my very late response, but i had some personal troubles and i couldn't work on it too much. But i found something interesting. Looks like that the engine keep the order of the single script file in the name of the file itself, so when the engine looks for yst_list.ybn the 11th file inside that is es_font, which is the file you have found. The es_font is standard in the engine and is always loaded, therefore you might be able to mod the file itself and insert the custom font inside cgsys. I however do not know how to do that, since i couldn't work too much on it and i don't know ho to
  2. Thank you so much for those software you suggested, for xor the file itself, i just use hex editor neo with the bitwise xor function and the hex keys. Are you trying to add the font in the game or those files were already there?
  3. Sorry for the late response, i checked the script and i think the problem is the space character, which the engine this is a termination line. Writing the phrase with a comma or other symbols displays the text correctly. I'll do more research to find out how to bypass this issue but i don't know if i'll be able to. The problem is that without any script in the engine itself, this might not be an easy fix. And since i'm not a programmer i can't debug the engine to know exactly how to patch this issue. If you find a workaround, let me know. EDIT: With the help of my friend i've been
  4. Ok, the errors you are getting, are related to the version of the YPF file, the engine detects that the compression is different or the key is invalid and therefore refuse to load saying that the assets are duplicated or tampered. Now, i've been able to mod the YPF file. First i suggest you to extract the file using YPF Manager Tool, then you should get a folder with the name of the file, and a subfolder that will contain all the files (example, to should get: cgsys -> cgsys -> all the files), you then need to take note of the engine version (in this case looks like ver 500) an then
  5. You might get this error message because you are trying to repack the file in a folder that use SHIFT-JIS standard name, i suggest you to repack the folder in the desktop and without using a locale emulator (if you are using one). I've been able to repack the file, but the game refuse to work because the key of the compression is different. The game you are trying to repack uses a custom version of the engine (i think), which should be 500 (even if the exe says it's 555, idk). Because i'm not a programmer, i can't say that well how the repacking works for those versions and the official SDK fo
  6. Introduction I wanted to make this guide since i couldn't find some complete guide to mod any VN on yuris engine. The main reason is that i played euphoria and i wanted to mod it. All the examples you are going to find are my years of reverse engineering and online documentation on euphoria (Mangagamer) version of yuris (v474). How Yu-Ris engine works Yuris is an interpreter that uses code C-like, is often used with ERIS, which is the VN interactive engine part of the interpreter. The engine use its own file format called "YPF" for archives and "YBN" for scripts. The cont
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