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  1. I have an intrusive thought that there is no translation and this is all some prank that got out of hand.
  2. I think there's some middle ground between a deepl subscription and a fifteen year translation process, no? edit: honestly at the rate this is going I'll be reading it in Japanese before it is out in English and I can report the actual quality level to you when the time comes
  3. If MTL translations were of the quality I have no doubt Eustia is currently at, I would happily do so. But unfortunately your post is low effort trolling.
  4. At this point maybe just release what you have? It's okay if it's not perfect.
  5. I'm looking forward to this. Been refreshing this thread daily. I didn't mean to get taken seriously, Sometimes jokes in my head don't translate nearly as well when I post them online. There was a hint of truth in my joke, which is that I would like the leak, but I understand the reasons one might not want to release a work of art they aren't 100% satisfied with.
  6. any news on this? is there anything worth installing for the steam version of the censored (butchered) version? it's not even that big of a big deal if the h-scenes aren't translated, as long as they're put back where they belong in the english version.
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