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  1. .ks are for scene in the vn that you can translate, the default image type for krkr vns is tlg
  2. in arc directory i extracted them using KrkrExtract and they are working fine
  3. Hi. I can help people with KiriKiri 1/2/Z to remove repacking TPM protection and make it every time one .xp3 files is edited it can still read it with no problems at all and can even convert KiriKiri 1/2 games into KiriKiri Z Engine because KiriKiri Z now allows UTF-8 files and can read it with no problems. If they had any problem with the game not working in some scenarios they can contact me here or discord xOnlyFadi#7805 to fix their problem with KiriKiri Z. Here is a video one the games I converted from KiriKiri 1 to KiriKiri Z
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