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    Noelzu reacted to HMfan in Saimin Yuugi translation project   
    Hi all. I had a lot going on, and before I knew it, a year had gone by. I knew there would be stretches where I couldn't get much translating done, but I never meant to leave the project without updates for so long.
    I'm setting a short-term goal of reaching the halfway point of Maiya's route by the end of September. 
    Some people asked about a partial patch download. Here are three files you can copy to your already existing Saimin Yuugi install if you want to test it:
    https://mega.nz/file/pIpSjL7K#ygSQKnwnNVdE_FQ0s_Rr4sR7e9Wjcl-VT_DjLpQI7gA (催眠遊戯.exe - UI translation)
    https://mega.nz/file/UdgGiRCA#DM6mm3h42KfbVZMUN_pRt8c1ys8r99AbnnbMj1JpmGQ (data8.pack - UI translation)
    https://mega.nz/file/9A5AyC6a#vaBuR4FcGcReYkf2jmPyIHVuTcHaKghp442kVktf_YQ (data6.pack - Scenario translation -- common route + maiya only for now)
    The first file replaces the game executable. The second two go in the 'GameData' subdirectory, replacing the existing data6.pack file. I recommend backing up the files before overwriting. Full credit to fallingdown for the UI translation. A patch installer isn't on the todo list until at least one route has been translated.
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    Noelzu reacted to HMfan in Saimin Yuugi translation project   
    Latest Update (June 24)
    Common Route translation: 100%  
    Common Route editing: 1/6 scenario files
    Maiya Route translation: 5/23 
    Maiya Route editing: pending

    Keika Route translation: 6/21  
    Keika Route editing: pending
    Rui Route translation: pending  
    Rui Route editing: pending
    Current Staff:
    Me (Translating, Hacking)
    SpookySaint (Editing)
    Senpai Ken (Translating)
    Spirited Away (Editing)
    Currently seeking additional translators, and a more competent hacker for UI translation.
    Original Post ↓
    Hello. I've decided to translate Saimin Yuugi, my favorite eroge. Well written hypnosis with Sayori's art? Holy shit, yes please. Really, nothing else compares.
    Now, I'm a solo, amateur translator, and I acknowledge we're an inherently unreliable lot. With that being said, I wouldn't be making this thread unless I was committed to finishing.
    Why make this thread?
    1) On the off chance someone else is interested in translating, I'd love to have your help. No long-term commitment necessary.
    2) If anyone is interested in editing my translated scripts (checking my grammar and watching for awkward descriptions or stilted dialogue), I'd love to have you. Also no long-term commitment necessary.
    3) On the off off chance someone else was partway through translating this eight year old eroge, I may as well find out about it now before sinking too much more time into this.
    In short, I love this game and am asking for help to make the translation the best it can be.
    What have I already done? 
    - Unpacking and repacking the game files is confirmed working with a partial patch tested both on my machine and others.
    - Maiya's route is 17% translated, which includes an introduction common to all routes.
    Not a lot, but it's only a week's worth of effort. I'm confident that this pace will let me finish without burning out. On that note however, my main goal for this project is the translation of Maiya's route. I think the completionist in me will make sure I see the project through to the end, but I expect significantly slower progress on the other routes. Especially Keika's.
    If you have questions feel free to ask. 
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