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  1. Thank you so much!! Your suggestion was a lifesaver!! I used kirikiri to repackage instead of GARbro, and it worked like a charm! (Note: I tried also with KrkrDEV_232r2EN but the .xp3 didn't read - I think the program may be a bit too modern for this game, mayhaps.) For anyone else having this issue with old games: I downloaded kirikiri2-archive-3 and extracted the rar kr2_218. Then, in the kirikiri2 folder, I opened krkrrel.exe and chose the file to turn into a .xp3. (note: for multiple files to be turned into one .xp3, I made a folder with the .ks and images and whatnot and se
  2. I'm working with a very old Kirikiri game - 2003. It has no data.xp3. Besides the .exe, all it has is a "savedata" folder, extrans.dll, wuvorbis.dll, and a read me file. Using GARbro I can look into the .exe file and extract all its contents. All its scenarios are .ks. Here's the .exe file's contents: I've translated some text on artworks and text in .ks files as a test, but every time I try to get the results to appear, nothing happens. Is it because all the data is from INSIDE the .exe, instead of outside? So when i put "patch.xp3" in the folder with the game, it won't run?
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