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  1. Thanks Though I've tried reading Majikoi and didn't like. I found that protagonist to be too generic. The whole school setting didn't do anything for me. Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendations.
  2. What I mean is that I usually read vn's and whenever we get to the girls showing affection for the guy or him seeing their boobs he gets immediately shy. I've gotten annoyed at those protagonists because to me they are way too shy. I also hate the tropes where the protagonist accidentally walks into the girls room as she is changing and gets slaped for it. I'm basically looking for a vn with a protagonist that Is in love with someone and isn't afraid to confess or to talk to her. He doesn't just wait for an opportunity to happen to him he goes out and seizes it for himself. I'm also looking
  3. As, the title says I'm interested in dating sims recently. Because I've exhausted my pool of good visual novels to read. I've read: Umineko, Fate stay night all of the routes 2 times, read fate hollow ataraxia, fata morgana, utawarerumuno mask of deception and truth, i've read that one visual novel that had an ending better than death note, danganronpa 2 and 3, i've watched the anime for 1st game and some walkthroughs(these arent all of the vns that i read, because i can't renember that many at the top of my head). I'm, lookin for a dating sim, that has an engaging plot , that treats th
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