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    Jkuranu reacted to frogstat in White Album 2 Translation Project [Todokanai TL]   
    Todokanai Translations Presents
    White Album 2

    https://vndb.org/v2920 & https://vndb.org/v7771
    Howdy 🤠
    The upcoming patch will include translations for the entirety of White Album 2. That includes Introductory Chapter, Closing Chapter & Coda.
    Beyond that, the patch will also revise the contents of the questionable partial patch we released before, including retranslations of whole parts that were beyond saving.
    Further beyond that, our lovely programmers have managed to fiddle around with the script to include 14 new PS3 exclusive CGs to our upcoming patch. 
    That's 1 new CG for introductory Chapter, 11 new CGs for Closing Chapter, and 2 new CGs for Coda. 
    Old (boring) https://i.imgur.com/1eImCMQ.png
    New (cute) https://i.imgur.com/rQIbc5k.png
    Todokanai Translation Team
    Project Lead Gauche Suede
    Translators Frogstat, Gauche Suede
    Editors Krizs, Gauche Suede, Oddflex
    TLC Frogstat
    Programmers Avuxo, Jonathansdf
    Typesetter Observer of Time
    Graphics Diamondketo
    Playtesters Shinyyyjoke, Epika07, Slaanesh, Evil Pony
    Translation, Editing, TLC & Playtesting is complete.
    There is still no definite release date, but a patch should be ready during  November  December.
    Feel free to ask any questions you have about the project.
    Also consider joining our discord server https://discord.gg/5rrxEUN
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    Jkuranu reacted to Novel21 in White Album 2 Translation Project [Todokanai TL]   
    I'm so happy, thanks for translating this VN and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming patch. This was one of VN I hope to be translate. So I'm really happy right now. 
    I was really worried it was dropped and I'm happy it's not. 
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