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  1. I tried that and It is currently installed on a fresh hard drive. im not even sure what more to do, seems im destined to not play this vn again
  2. I posted in the visual novel talk section and only got one reply that didn't solve the issue, my game just won't launch, no error code nothing. My locale is set to japan, language set to japanese and everything is set to japanese and still nothing. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to no avail. Completely lost about what to do next, I had this vn 2 or so years ago on a different hard drive but that got corrupted and for whatever reason it just wont work anymore, its the exact same file I downloaded two years ago. Any help is greatly appreciated as this is one of my favorite vn's a
  3. I've looked quite a bit for any solution but I've yet to find one, I get no error code or anything it just wont open, no idea why :( any help or ideas would be very much appreciated
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