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    Weeb stuff, cars, watches, fashion, computers or anything tech related, finance, anything that demands a lot of reading and is "fanboy-able" really.
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    Coffee Box Studio's Founder & Project Leader:

    - "What The Eyes Can't See, What Mouths Can't Speak: The story about dreams, passion, desire, and a clubroom." (Dead Project)
    - New personal project that I am currently looking for other people to join.
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About Me

So I like visual novels. And I wanna make one.

I did make one in high school, in fact, I also made a "studio" with fully fledged writers, illustrators, coders, and heck even a project manager. But due to everyone going to college and overseas, they got busy. And it's been a dream of mine ever since to continue reviving Coffee Box Studio.

And if by the off chance, you are interested in hearing my pitch, feel free to message me!

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