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  1. @adamstan Hmm, maybe the core buggy on windows 7. Please test: - test 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a3NaP5QKc1z7NXuPdNXc2jq-ibBDwpYw/ - test 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M9fMfS-k5EJFdgRCO_e6j0vJEbEOD974/
  2. @adamstan Hmm, JIT optimization problem. My solution (in video) may not work on other operating systems or processors. x64, maybe the 2nd address will work (just try each address). Btw, I created a discord server, so people can help each other: https://discord.gg/cdmSkXR7j8 PS: Terminated for this game is 0000 (instead 000?)
  3. @adamstan That's weird!, please show me your results from find out what access this address window.
  4. @adamstan Hmm, my DCODE (x64) contain some SSE register (xmm*), what is your processor? Tutorial (without DCODE): Note: exit CE or CE -> open PPSSPP again to disable CE debugger.
  5. @adamstan DCODE is designed to solve that problem (fixed aka static or dynamic doesn't matter). Maybe the JIT'd code on your machine is different from mine. What your ppsspp version? please try latest version, 1.11.3+: https://buildbot.orphis.net/ppsspp/index.php
  6. @adamstan Sure. https://youtu.be/ufXbuZBAjes?list=PLTZXVVG9AT6TATy_7ey3jUkE0g35t3xtk DCODE: (please check the wiki if the code below doesn't work.) $utf16,2|50|0000,46??????????45??????F3??????????F3??????????41
  7. Hi, Agent author here. Agent shipped with two scripts: _MemoryWatch.js & _ExecutionWatch.js _MemoryWatch.js look like HAT? => It's look like R-Code too, but I think _MemoryWatch work better (just ~90 line of code). _ExecutionWatch.js, D-COCE look like H-CODE (textractor, VNR)? => _ExecutionWatch support both PC and emulator. (D-CODE wiki). If you don't like CheatEngine, please try this script. Yeah, the main feature is a text hooker. The difference: - Agent is script based, configless. - Agent have no limitation (for complex game (custom encoding,
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