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  1. I definitely understand that as I am the same. I prefer creating the things myself and learning from it. However on the other side I know there are a lot of people who don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of how things work at all. So trying to cater to those. When I get it to a point where I can post the package you are of course welcome to download it and dissect the code to see how I have done it, however I am also still learning so might not be AAA tier programming
  2. Hah, damn I am too late! Yeah I agree for something as simple as creating a VN, Unity is a big thing to tackle. Documentation is definitely a very important factor and I will have to think carefully about that. I am trying to make it as programming free as possible for those that don't want to touch programming at all (that would mostly only work for people who want to do traditional VN's), however for people who want to do more advanced things I am trying to program it in a way that you can easily extend on it with events and other things.
  3. Hey there developers, and potential developers, of Fuwanovel. I have been interested in visual novels for quite some time and have come across so many posts by people who are saying that they want to develop a visual novel but can't due to their lack of ability in programming. Therefore I thought it might be interesting to have a programming-free solution for it and looked into it and found quite a few engines which allow creating Visual Novels without code. But almost all of them cost money, which most starting developers do not want to pay, or they are heavily outdated/abandoned. I
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