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  1. So I have this game I wanted to translate here is the link: https://vndb.org/v22039 this has .arc files
  2. so When you using Garbro drag xp3 file to it when you get popup go with no encryption then you will get bunch of .ks files open one of the ,ks files with notepad++ when you open it if you get bunch of weired text try to go to encoding then UCS-2LE BOM click it even after then you get weired text that means your .ks files are encrypted.. any way if your .ks files aren't encrypted you can open it without getting weired text. edit 2 or 4 lines remember to only edit the game text don't try to edit the codes after you translate 2 lines if you extract.ks files into a folder drag and drop that folder
  3. so where did you encounter problem ? what game do you want to translate ?
  4. thanks actually Waifu2x upscaling qulity is really low . I use ESRGAN-master to do all the upscaling stuff ESRGAN so much better than Waifu2x and also faster as well .. I will give it a try which size did you used ? 1920x1080 or smaller than that ?
  5. i check it seems be a steam app do i need to install steam in order to use it?
  6. actually i found a tool named TVP(kirikiri) configuration tool and it can do that but it ended up streacthing the image
  7. I have this game called https://vndb.org/v11226 and its screen resolution is locked in 800x600 , I wanted to make it to 1920x1080 is that possible ?
  8. okay I sloved this someone else help me . it seems I use wrong way to archive the patch.xp3 using GARbro now it works
  9. Okay i sloved it seems i use wrong way to repack the files using GARbro if anyone else want to know my method let me know
  10. @darksshades also it seems text is scripted so i had to use krkextracter's decrypt text option to decrypt it
  11. What I'm getting is .ks error with japanese text also just normal game text and I was trying to repack whole scenario.xp3 I didn't edit entire .ks files I only edited 3 or 4 lines I was trying to test it out before editing entire thing patch.xp3 didn't worked I try to use patch2.xp3 .
  12. this didn't worked for me If i leave the folder in game folder it won't open
  13. I seen few Atelier Sakura games having english translation and I have latest Atelier Sakura game i wanted to translate, I can do the extract files from xp3 most of them are in .ks file format , when i extract .ks files I had to use decrypt the text option in KrkrExtract tool after that i can edit the .ks file and after repacking it to scenario.xp3 file and replace it with the orginal file and start to play the game and start from the beginning i get an error. game works but nothing shows this happens when the japanese text start to loading .. please help game I want to translate: Sotsu
  14. guys can I need help I wanted to translate Atelier Sakura Team.NTR games but everytime i repack after using garbro for .xp3 file and replace that with the game folder i get error . it maybe due to I'm using visual code studio editor to change the subtittles if so what should i use to change subtitles ? need help
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