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  1. Hi, Im currently working on the Kirigiri Sou tlp but I came to a dead end. It turned out that non method I could find will work. I guess thats because of the game's own nature. Does someone know something I could maybe try? To the outside file structure: It only consists of an exe, few dll files, some .mov videos and a big .bin file. I tried everything but somehow it doesnt work. I would be gratefull for every help.
  2. Hello, Im here making an English patch for the Sound Novel Kirigiri Sou (VNdb). Somebody already tried to do this here but they didnt update their page. Novel Info Kirigiri Sou is a spin-off series from the popular Danganronpa franchise released in a limited edition blu-ray box with the anime Danganronpa 3. In this novel you will play as a normal boy who meets the ultimate detective Kyoko Kirigiri who is investigating on a case. Together you infiltrade a abondened mansion. Staff Its currently only me but I will accept every help. Progress 12.5.2021 I currentl
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