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  1. Seems like the project is in need of some dedicated editors. Would recommend helping them if you have a good command of English, are committed to making consistent progress, and have a decent familiarity with the Ar tonelico/Surge Concerto series.
  2. Disclaimer: I am not personally involved in this project. I am just posting this progress update to inform the masses and get the project the acknowledgement and recognition it deserves, since this project has been flying under the radar for such a long time. The Translation phase of the Ciel Nosurge Offline fan translation patch project is now finally 100% complete (as of last week)! Sooooo if you guys haven't known by now, there has been a fan translation project underway for Ciel Nosurge Offline during the past several years, with significant progress on it being made during 2020-2021.
  3. Happy 10th Anniversary to Aiyoku no Eustia! It's unFORTUNatE thAt the fan tRanslaTion has not bEen completed by today, but I am hopeful this pRoject can be done by mIdyeAr, so keep up the good work y'aLl! We're almost there!
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