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  1. Does this even work on Japanese VNs and eroges? Seems to me like all the games listed in it are US. Also I've already found a way to extract .arc files from Pin-Point via GARbro, even though it took me 2 hours trying to find what game script worked. Now I'm stuck on a new problem, how to auto-merge image files from BootUP!! games. All I know is all the images are .epa files which GARBro can extract and the graphics.bin file holds all the info on those images (impossible to read since it's in code). Every game made from them uses PJADV script and there's NO available tools capable o
  2. Does anyone have exufarc? It's not on asmodean's website nor anywhere else for that matter and I kinda need it to extract certain .arc files. I would use arc_conv but Windows Defender keeps deleting it because of actual trojans and malware.
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