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  1. After a bit of a pause on the project, I have found out the weird behavior of the backlog, turns out it's simplier than I thought, turns out that the cmvs engine only has a limited amount of lines available for the backlog, anything above 3 and it no longer has an asset for it to be placed in the backlog The only fix to this is shortening the dialogue to be less than 4 lines, as the way it was done on the original hapymaher tl was made with a secondary file for having more lines in the english version, and with these tools I cannot achieve that
  2. A little update on the whole situation. Backlog crashing the game is now fixed so the only thing remaining is the untranslated UI, which is a bit of a problem, seeing as no one has a tool for that I'll try digging a bit more but for now I'll just focus on tl work.
  3. Still working on fixing the crashing, but for now I'll just post my tl progress: files done:6/98 files undergone QC:4/98 files playtested for further tl accuracy:4/98 I will be updating this comment as I'll be making progress with the tl.
  4. after an hour of digging around I managed to get myself a headache and fix the issue, however, the backlog still crashes the game when opening it after playing it for a bit of time however, it still isn't perfect and once again, it still features crashes.
  5. I've picked it up as a project. TL;DR: Even if I can make a tl it'll most likely turn out very low quality due to lack of proper tools Needless to say, there's a lot of text to tl, however if you're looking for more routes-forget about it. This vn simply doesn't have a single route. The limited selection of working tools is really annoying since you have to make due with what you have.. And that would be a simple string replacer which wasn't even finished, so there are problems, but I believe I found the fix for most of them. the one thing you can't expect from this tl would be translated
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