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  1. Well then assuming he did read it, I'd like to have a message with everything in the Erika route he remember. good luck having the vn translated there is probably no one working on that.
  2. I'm not speaking about the True end. But the Erika route. But did you play it ?
  3. So I have no idea how many people here have played that or even know it, but a while ago I found myself watching the anime of this vn, with how badly it ended I just found where to read the manga. But later I found out it was from a vn and there was a route for Erika. So I was like yea I'll get it, until I saw there was no english patch for this route. But I wonder the post I get are like from 2012, was it translated ? If yes does anyone have a link to a patch ? I honestly don't care about other route so even if there was just this one it would be good.
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