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  1. That's gorgeous artwork, wow! I need to check that out, since I'm on itch.io too! Thanks for sharing your VN : D
  2. Hi there! I figured I might share the latest devlog entry I posted on itch.io. It was just updating people on the release of an old project from last year, "Kyle the Cat". I challenged myself to make a comic I had drawn the year before interactive. It was a lot of fun to make, so here's the link to the Devlog! Thanks! Kyle the Cat full list of Devlogs so far link: https://itch.io/dashboard/game/334410/devlog A screenshot from "Kyle the Cat", the Interactive Comic! Also, please leave any comments or critiques you have in the comment section of the Devlog : ) - morgan nicole
  3. Hey, guys, I was just updating my itch.io dashboard and noticed that this little project I had worked on and published to Newgrounds last year was still marked as Private. So, I added another Devlog entry about making it Public to anyone who wants to play/read it on itch.io as well. Unfortunately, I deleted my Newgrounds account since I wasn't really active on it, but here is the link to the newly published interactive comic on Itch.io! Kyle the Cat: Ep1 "The Big Igloo"https://fluffypumkin.itch.io/kyle-the-cat "Kyle the Cat" was a short project I worked on in Unity in an effort to make my comic episode that I drew interactive. It contains music, SFX, a ton of snow, cute animal people and a strange little minigame! Here are some screenshots of it as well! Kyle the cat and Mason Allodile staring at the igloo wall... The "cover" of Kyle the Cat If you play it on itch.io, please leave any comments, critiques, or suggestions you have for me in the community/comment section below the game! Thanks : ) -morgan nicole
  4. Great! Thank you for the suggestions! And also, great meeting you : )
  5. Hi ungrave! I'm new here too. Learning Japanese AND getting to play fun VNs is a great idea! Hmm. I think I should take notes...
  6. Hi, I'm Morgan or morgan_nicole. I just joined this forum today and am really excited to have a place to find out about interesting VNs! I actually just recommended an Adventure VN in the VN Discussion section if you want to check it out. Also, I'm planning on sharing any progress I make with my own Visual Novel on my profile or in the 'Devlog' section. So maybe you'll see a post about that pop up soon ; ) Speaking of which, what place do you think would be better to share my VN devlog? Any advice is much appreciated! Well, nice meeting you! -morgan nicole
  7. This is a beautiful VN that I wanted to recommend to you guys since I've been wanting to get back into playing it for a while... Firstly, the art is beautiful and the main character is super deadpan which I love of course But most importantly, the Adventure Game elements added make the world that much more immersive! One of my favorite mechanics of this game is the lore book that is updated with new information on each character that you meet or items that you use throughout the game in order to progress. And don't even get me started on the soothing soundtrack! Well, you'd have to hear it for yourself : D Anyway, here are some more pictures~ And, you can find The Crown of Leaves here if you're interested in trying something new! P.S. all images/screenshots of this game were obtained from the official steam page in case anyone was wondering. I figured since these are the preview pictures there wouldn't be any spoilers. And if you play this VN, let me know, so we can rave about it together! -morgan nicole
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