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  1. We are pleased to announce that the main script for the first episode of Mitsuro Keito's plot in Fading Sky is complete and is currently in the process of editing. In the first episode of story, the player will have to: 1) Get to know the world of Arret and most of the characters in the story (depending on the choice). 2) Become a witness to extreme cruelty. 3) Find yourself in the Dead Forest, and find out one of its secrets. 4) Visit the "city" of Esgraas. 5) Learn about the events of the ancient cataclysm and its consequences. 6) Dig into ancient archives. 7) More than on
  2. About what's going with Fading Sky. Development Blog # 2 About two weeks have passed since the last blog, and we have a story to tell, but let's start in order: 1. The first and most important news for us and I hope for you was the emergence of our self-name! It was decided to come up with a name for us that matched our view of both Fading Sky and the game industry in general. There were several variants of the name, and the last of them turned out to be, although it was disassembled into parts, brought to the state of the quintessence of thought, but still one of them is the English wo
  3. At this moment i can read this format, now i working on rendering sprites. I'm create our engine (FadingEngine) myself, and i think i can insert Live2D inside, but i need some information
  4. Dear friends, now i want to implement Live2D in my engine, for Fading Sky. Someone know any usefull materials about OpenGL and Live2D Cubism SDK on english?
  5. We are glad to present one of the backgrounds of the game, from one of our talented artists: Ziggurat of altar in ancient city of Feyria, before and after the disaster:
  6. Thanks for your opinion and attention. On behalf of the entire Team Beyond studio - we are very pleased with this opinion. Of course, I promise to update this thread every time I have new information!
  7. Hello, it is possible to make annonce of game on site page?
    Post of forums: 


    1. Emi


      its possible. would recommend taking it as you get close to starting kickstarter/patreon to get as much traffic as possible to that. 
      can try to get somebody to write up something then 🙂

    2. German Espoir

      German Espoir

      Ok, thank you, Emi!

  8. Team Beyond has started developing its Fading Sky pilot project! Fading Sky is a visual novel storytelling game. This is a tragic and sad story set in a fantasy world after a global magical catastrophe. We were inspired by a series of games like Fate (Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero), Science Adventure (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head), and of course Utawarerumono. GAMEPLAY The main features of the Fading Sky gameplay: - narration in the style of a visual novel with full voice acting (in English and Russian). - two main characters, the player's choice. - non-linear story with a choice.
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