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  1. Hey Novellers!

    I'm a newbie here, but with decent knowledge of indie game development. I always liked visual novels, and especially FF series' storytelling concepts.

    I wanted to make my own visual novel (mixed with RPG elements), but was too bored to learn Ren'Py, and couldn't afford Visual Novel Maker.

    So I started to build my own visual novel engine, and I think it turned out pretty good. I though it could be useful for others too, so I just released it - for FREE!

    The game engine's URL:


    My main focus points were:

    • No coding required
    • Short learning curve, but deep enough to make a decent game
    • Items with interactions and conditioning
    • Easy branching

    The product is released now, and I just made some test games:

    A short visual novel: https://talefab.com/game-preview/the-lost-amulet-g1.html
    An escape room: https://talefab.com/game-preview/escape-from-my-home-g11.html
    A word learning educational game: https://talefab.com/game-preview/find-lucifer-g2.html
    A demo game, which can be imported in a new project: https://talefab.com/game-preview/find-lucifer-g2.html

    Feel free to register, create and play games, and share your opinion.

    Your voice matters!

    PS: some screenshots


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