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  1. Hi everyone. Tokyo Necro is apparently fully translated and edited. According to VNDB, it is expected to be released this year.
  2. From what I heard, it is better than the anime and is a fully completed visual novel. Anime did not cover the entire story.
  3. Potentially, there could be a censored version for Steam in the future.
  4. Wow, this is really insane news. I never expected it to get an official localization.
  5. Good news for the ML fans. Total Eclipse, which is mostly known for its anime, is finally receiving an official localization. Hopefully they don't mess up the fonts like they did with the Day After. https://twitter.com/muvluvseries/status/1408266301122899969
  6. Well, it is much cheaper for me, due to my location. I think there will be a much bigger discount during the next seasonal sales.
  7. Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After is out on Steam, but it is quite expensive and they sell each part separately. Maybe there will be a discount during the seasonal sales. Another problem is the font size. I have no idea why they didn't stick to the one that was in MLA.
  8. I assume, that if there is sufficient amount of people who sign the petition, it could show Light that there is a relatively sizable demand for the localization. It could become profitable, if enough people purchase the translated visual novels. I think that it may be possible to raise traction, if the petition gets enough people to sign it and when the games released, there needs to be a lot of demand. I think raising awareness on r/visualnovels and twitter reddit, about the petition that could lead to the Western release can be helpful.
  9. Hopefully, someone from the community could provide a new link.
  10. It starts at chapter 7 and closer to the end, there will also be a complete H-scenes wiyh the route heroine.
  11. It starts at chapter 7 and closer to the end, there will also be a complete H-scenes wiyh the route heroine.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the western launch of Dies Irae successful? The anime was horrible and there was certainly a lot of mismanagement, when it came to the Pantheon and other projects. Still, I think if there will be a translation of Silverio Saga Series and SSGH+SSGB, it would be a good thing.
  13. I agree. I will probably try to sign it through the VPN service, if possible.
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