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  1. LINK TO EARLY DEMO BELOW! In the year 20XX, space travel and exploration is a common occurrence. Astronauts venture to other planets and meet aliens for trade and treaty. Our player is one of them, he/she sets out for a mission on day but unexpectedly finds romance across galaxies.The player can choose to play as a Female or Male. The player can visit which planets he/she wants to explore. Ultimately after experiencing them all, the player can only choose one option. But that's where the early demo ends. -Early Demo includes 10K words-Different worlds/scenari
  2. You're right, i'll never know if i never try... thanks for the reassurance^^
  3. Hiii, I'm currently making an otome visual novel. And I want to be so badly involved in the community. But i just don't know how. Discord rooms are very hard for me since I don't know if I'm interrupting a conversation. Ultimately, it would be nice to befriend fellow critique partners or people who are willing to give feedback on my work hehe. Nice to meet you if you are reading this.
  4. So I am a newbie and my VN is an otome dating sims where you romance aliens. And I suddenly realized that non-humans might not be what the majority prefers... But I swear, I made them as humanoid as possible! I wonder if other people are as attracted to them as I am. I mean, I did draw my preference afterall so I'm abit biased hehe. Side note, I would love to make new friends with starting out developers too!
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