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  1. Thanks bud but is fate stay a single game or different games in one series . If so can you give the order for playthrough
  2. I have played some more like A Sky Full Of Stars and Fine Days Eiyuu Senki (pretty damn good can easily give 10/10 but many places translations are missing so 9/10) Your Diary Corona Blossom series A Clock Work Leyline Evenicle (this one's a legit favorite on my list after Grisaia and Majikoi Chronoclock Happy Mahar and if want recommendations for any category accept NTR comment right here an if you have any more recommendations for me please share on this forum
  3. hey there what happened to the translation.is it still going on or is it closed
  4. I have played koiken , koiresort , saku saku and wagahigh .But thanks others im gonna play right now and one doubt is Yume Miru Kusuri about drugs or something??
  5. Damn forgot mention love esquire , nanario and making lovers .sorry but any others .And thanks i will try my girlfriend is a president
  6. Hey there ,been playing visual novels for so looong but still cant understand Japanese so if possible please recommend some english eroges Some of the ones which i have played are Grisaia series Nekopara series 9 nine series If my heart had wings Senren Banka Devil on a G String Maitetsu Aokana Under one wing Majikoi series till A3 Dracu Riot Sabbat of the witch Princess Evangile and With Happiness Funeraba Tsujido San No Judai Road The most forbidden love in the world My Fair
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