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  1. I'm sorry. I could go no further. Looking up kanji from low res images is painful.
  2. I just want to say thanks again for this masterpiece. I voted for HQ decensor and HQ translation. I played Maitetsu in English, but I'm replaying from the beginning on Last Run in Japanese (so it might be a little while before I hit the new routes). I just want to point out that the language is a little more advanced than your average nukige (train terms, more and deeper story elements, etc.). My Japanese isn't that far along really, so I couldn't guarantee HQ results. More lengthy/complicated sentence structures are hard for me to put into any kind of eloquent English. I'm definitely interested though.
  3. So far I've translated the first 180 lines of 0000003B.csv. Like you said it's mostly just the guy talking, so it's actually been really easy to follow along. Though I think a couple lines definitely confused me just because my level is insufficient. There's probably other mistakes too, but... it's better than MTL (I hope). I'll go ahead and post what I have so far in case you or anyone feels like looking at it. https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/iEtZaKV4/file.html
  4. I tried out translating the small file, which I guess is the ending scene, just 30 lines or so. One issue I encountered that would definitely cause trouble in the larger files, is that there doesn't seem to be anything distinguishing which characters say what, or from who's perspective the narrative is coming from. For the ending scene I don't think it's a big deal, because I'm pretty sure the ending scene is just a monologue. I also don't know the girl's name, since there's a couple ways to pronounce it, but I left it as "Toka". I think this turned out alright though. There was only one line I really had trouble with (or well, that's what I think at least). https://pastebin.com/6DBNC94y I'll take a look at the larger scripts soon.
  5. Oh, wow. I hadn't realized you did that. Maitetsu is definitely my favorite VN, extra especially thanks your decensor work. I should be calling you sensei or shishou. Thank you for that. Ironically(is that the right word?) I originally registered on the forum because I was thinking of asking if anyone was thinking of working on Maitetsu Last Run. I'll save that as a dream for another day though. I guess you could say I'm also a wanna be artist. Having the resolve to practice frequently is another story, sadly. As for the script of this game... I guess I could give you a cautious "yes". 2000 lines sounds like a lot to me at my level, but more so I'm uncertain I can properly follow context without images. I do have the money to buy the game of course, but I'm also not working right now and trying to spend as little as possible during these hard times. I'll give it a shot though!
  6. Do you know how many lines this game is? I'm only like N4 but, I'm interested in VNs as a way of study/practice. Sometimes there are lines I don't quite understand even with a dictionary and MTL. It may be colloquial or dialectal stuff, idk. Are you an artist then, or...?
  7. Do you have a link to the original game (store page or whatever) or can you at least say what the Japanese title is? And, could this be used without MTL? I prefer to just do my own reading via textractor/jparser.
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