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  1. Taimanin Asagi 2 - WALKTHROUGH (VNDB) True Ending. 1. I have to endure it somehow! 2. Still…..have not lost!! 3. I won’t lose! 4. am helpless…no one will save me. Bad Ending. 4. What does this demon know!? Bad Ending 2. 1. It’s time to strike back! 2. Demonic power!! 3. It’s no use… Bad ending 3. 1. I have to endure it somehow! 2. Demonic power!! 3. It’s no use… Bad Ending 4. 1. I h
  2. oh sorry, I didn't knew that fuwanovel had dark theme mode https://easyupload.io/ldpc30 - here's a link for the .docx file of this walkthrough. (I set it up for 30 days expiration because the site doesn't allow any other setting) the password is: taimanin I hope that it helps
  3. VNDB Pregnancy ending. 1. It’s impossible for her to become AND 2. Saving Kyousuke is top priority 3. She purposely got caught…… 4. There has to be a way…. 5. What can I do…… 6. Never give up…… True ending. 1. I won’t oppose Sakura’s decision 2. Killing Oboro is top priority 3. She’s just inexperienced…… 4. Maybe there isn’t a way to save him…. 5. Kill Oboro for sure 6. Finish her off
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