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  1. This is a crosspost from my Reddit post, for those who are wondering. So... it's happened. Out of a sense of morbid fascination, a deader than dead muse struck by lightning hampering my creative writing and sheer frustration and noxious thoughts headed Atelier Kaguya's way because their engine is horrific, I've decided to do it: I'm starting a project for these TWO games, with no intention of going further than that: Kajuu 100% Onee-san x SHUFFLE The reason I'm making this post is because I've seen several posts across the internet about translating these games and all...
  2. This is not my topic, but I happen to be working on a project with this damned engine too. I will upload a .PLT file as soon as I can, but I don't think they have much besides maybe coordinate data, since they are under 400 KB.
  3. I’m going to try and find a way to tie some of the files from an official install to the installer to “require” the official version, which is part of the reason I’m requesting this oddball help.
  4. Human... and it’s actually a port. However, the projects are not taking place concurrently. In fact, two of these won’t be started UNTIL the first two are done. However, since I found major variations in not only the assets, but also the engine structure, I need to run a test of them first. I can run a test on all four since my part is the technical bit (I have two translators and an editor on tap). Since the engine is virulently resistant to messing up with files whose size doesn’t add up, I need a hand with this minor test. Save data seems to be encoded, but I want to see
  5. So, as part of a translation project (thread on that soon) I’ve run into a minor snag that means I find myself in the need of four save files for the games: 1. Enjoy ~Futari no Ecchi na Joi to Eroero Kenshuu Taiken~ (Terminated. An script has been developed from the save files provided and found to be applicable to all other games) 2. Amayakashi na Kanojo (See above) 3. Onee-san x Shuffle! (concluded. Save files needed provided by @Infernoplex) 4. Kajuu 100% (See #!) Now, to be clear... Seiya Saiga will not work because those saves are “Save States” instead of actual Save
  6. So, introductions are not my thing but I don’t want to leave a bad impression. I’m Allan, also known as AsGryffynn or AstonGryffynn throughout the internet. I’m dedicated to, strictly speaking, content. After being totally disaffected by my career of choice (yeah, a lawyer that regretted his choice is writing this), I decided to indulge the creative side of me that I neglected for millennia and dedicate myself to creative pursuits, of which writing is my favorite and I’ve been doing for at least eight years now. As a result of a major windfall, I was always able to quit my
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