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    Project Thunderlight (original game) — Creator and Director @ Farbauti

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  1. So, as part of a translation project (thread on that soon) I’ve run into a minor snag that means I find myself in the need of four save files for the games: 1. Enjoy ~Futari no Ecchi na Joi to Eroero Kenshuu Taiken~ 2. Amayakashi na Kanojo 3. Onee-san x Shuffle! 4. Kajuu 100% Now, to be clear... Seiya Saiga will not work because those saves are “Save States” instead of actual Save Files (the ones you load into a game scene that is not accessible through the gallery). What I need, if any are able to provide, are game saves (Atelier Kaguya games will register them as “Save001” or so in the game directory’s “Save” folder. They will be .dat files and be followed by a bitmap screencap). Specifically, if anyone here has the game on their computer, it’d be nice if they could upload the saved files or even their Save directory and distribute it through Box or Mediafire or even MEGA. If willing, I would also request specific Saves fo each game: 1. Enjoy: a save state after the bus collision. 2. Amayakashi a save state after the first H-scene involving the blonde heroine. 3. A save after at least every heroine’s route has been chosen at least once each. 4. A save after all heroines have had their first H-scene. I know this is probably way more work than many believe worthwhile. I still felt the need to ask, just in case someone happened to have the games installed and was willing to auto skip through most of a new game to the needed points or already had played the game and had some Saves handy. I mostly need it to test whether saves will be read by the base engine unless they originated in the same directory. While ENV or “Secret” files seem able to be moved around, I need to double check these as I have found more than a few files are directory dependent. Thanks to whomever may help.
  2. So, introductions are not my thing but I don’t want to leave a bad impression. I’m Allan, also known as AsGryffynn or AstonGryffynn throughout the internet. I’m dedicated to, strictly speaking, content. After being totally disaffected by my career of choice (yeah, a lawyer that regretted his choice is writing this), I decided to indulge the creative side of me that I neglected for millennia and dedicate myself to creative pursuits, of which writing is my favorite and I’ve been doing for at least eight years now. As a result of a major windfall, I was always able to quit my day job early on and dedicate myself to writing a book series. However, I also dedicated space for gaming and have had a fascination with narratives like that of the Ori duology and the lore of the Elder Scrolls series. I’m a Microsoft fanboy and total Xbot by the way. Visual novels are, however, something that emerged as a response to my dissatisfaction with the PSVita and general Sony VN catalog: all otome games unless you were willing to jailbreak the thing like with iPhones, which have a similar issue (no wonder I’m an Xbot bruh!) and I wanted to resolve. I first started by launching a side gig to a much larger project (launched as a way to support my platform of choice and show the world you don’t need to be Final Fantasy to be a great, graphically impressive RPG): developing something I call “VN on Rails” which is more of a method than program. The idea you could run VNDS within a DS emulator on an iOS device. I’m still working on that. Which brings me to side gig B: translating. I happen to have staff/colleagues with Japanese knowledge and have a fascination with modding games, including Visual Novels and wish to translate some projects and test them out. So that sums up the wagon of infinite to-do lists that is me... greeting and good Foodrum!
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