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  1. Hey! sorry for the late reply (again), your encoder works just fine, thanks! But I`ve had some troubles here. So, one thing that I did not realize before is that CircusEditor doesn't display all the lines of the script when the game is on the NVL mode (when the textbox takes over almost the entire screen), it only displays the first line of each textbox from the NVL mode so I cannot edit all the text in the script, I've tried a few things but with no success.
  2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I've stumbled into another problem that I didn't account for. Apparently the game's images are protected and cannot be replaced, using GarBro to check those images it says that they are in the circus engine image format, I could not find anyway to replace the images and extracting them to another format renders the game unable to read the images, maybe there's something that can repack bitmap to .crx?
  3. I added the option to line break as well your suggestion to automate that procedure onto CircusEditor. The only thing that I didn't account for was that the name of the characters doesn't appear on the CircusEditor, so i can't edit them. (For some reason i can't insert an image from an URL so I will just post the link here https://imgur.com/gL9ndEl) I don't know if you know any workaround to this, maybe i'm asking too much. anyways, thanks a lot!
  4. I'm using Circus Editor by marcussacana to edit the MES files, it seems that breaking the lines was pretty easy but I didn't know about the 0A byte, now this is one less problem to deal with. I'm really interested on how you remapped those symbols to a shift jis range as it looks easier than editing the font cluelessly. Thanks for all your help! This is the only thing left (I think) and the project can finally get going.
  5. Your dll works flawlessly, I could override the game font by any other font that is installed in the system, the text spacing hex edit also worked with my game version. So there were two problems that i encountered, the first is that to use accented characters I tried to edit a font, but that doesn't seem to work because any letter that comes after the edited character just gets glitched like a square, maybe the solution to this is to patch the game exe just like you said? (or I'm doing something wrong with the font idk). And the other problem is that the game doesn't break the lines with
  6. Thank you so much for the help. But the thing is that I have no experience with hex editing, I managed to find the MS Mincho(MS 明朝) using HxD but I could only replace it with another japanese font (like MS Gothic), when i try to replace it with anything else the game just uses a backup font that looks like a glitched MS Gothic. Forgive me if I'm asking too much, but can you tell me what you did to replace the game font? And yes I do like comic sans
  7. I've started a Fortissimo EXS translation project from japanese to portuguese but i need help to edit the game font, i couldn't find the font anywhere in the game files, so I've come here to see if anyone can help me with this, any help would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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