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  1. I downloaded " Chrono Trigger" on my Android smartphone recently and tried to play the game. But in certain areas, the game needs to download more data. I met several incidents where the game needs to download more and payments need. Is there a way to force the game to download all the data somehow? I tried using Game Guardian (With the help VirtualXposed since I don't have root-access). But, no hack for "Chrono Trigger" available in it. Any help would be appreciated in this regard
  2. I've heard and watched of lots of Anime/Manga related to horror/mysterious and supernatural things. But I've rarely seen Anime/Manga related to science/technology and space(Perhaps I might be too new to Anime/manga world). Are these types of Anime/Manga rarely created?
  3. I started to read "Fairy Tail" manga.. I hope most of manga lovers have already read this as it's a bit older manga released in 2006.
  4. Thank you very much for this reference. It explains everything properly. It can be used to progress of available vaccines
  5. Second wave of Covid is spreading over a number of countries. It's a disaster. Does anybody know reliable reference about covid vaccine under development? There is no news about vaccine except death and victims. Daily news reporting victims and deaths.
  6. My favorite TV show was "Teen Wolf".. Love it but it was stopped after season 6
  7. Can we play Visual Novel on Android smartphones. I've seen friends playing them on PCs but I mostly use Android. What are the Android compatible Visual novels?
  8. I just started to watch "Fairy Tail" anime.. A long-running anime series
  9. Hello, I'm Sabrina from India and completely noob to Visual novel playing. I've played games such as mortal combat, Injustice, Hitman, Clash of clans, etc. But I haven't play Visual novel. I'm here to learn about it a bit more before start playing. I hope hanging here will be a great pleasure.
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