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  1. The Where The Stars Brought Us Kickstarter is now live! Go To Project Kickstarter
  2. The demo for Where The Stars Brought Us has now been uploaded to multiple platforms. We've fixed several issues and made a few enhancements from the last week. We're looking forward to the launch of the Kickstarter and the continuation of the development cycle next week. iOS: Download Android: Download Windows: Download Mac: Download Linux: Download
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Some of the points you made have already been addressed, but hasn't been built to the next version yet. I'll address with the team. Thanks for playing and the completed version will be better than what you've played previously.
  4. Good evening. We've put our upcoming visual novel, Where The Stars Brought Us, demo into open beta. This will be rolling out to production at the end of the month. We'd love to get your feedback. This VN will be full voices, however; the demo will not be. The game is currently in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese(Taiwanese). We hope you enjoy. Story: “Where The Stars Brought Us” is a visual novel game about a boy, Ryo Yung, who is from Seoul, South Korea. He and his family (mother, father, and sister) take what was meant to be a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan. This
  5. Good evening everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you all. My team and I are developing an OELVN, Where The Stars Brought Us, which will be going into Beta Testing(October 15 - October 22). We'd love to have the community give their feedback on the demo. The demo is staged for the iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. We'd also love to get your opinion on the Kickstarter rewards. We look forward to hearing everyone's feedback and hope that you enjoy what we've created thus far.
  6. Good afternoon. Criticism promotes growth.
  7. Thanks. We're trying to iron out a few more bugs before we hit Beta Testing this Thursday.
  8. Good evening everyone. It's a pleasure to be part to the community. I've played a few visual novels over the past few years before deciding to start a business in developing them. I plan on having more of a presence among the boards as I get more time during the development and QA process. With that being said, I'd love to get input from individuals within the community about our Kickstarter and the visual novel, Where The Stars Brought Us, that my development team currently has in Alpha Testing for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Once again, I look forward to interacting with you all
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