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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I am having problems with my parents like every teenager evrr and I am whiny bitch. Your normal rebellious age issues.
  2. Kaguya's Fuwa Fanfics - Discussion

    I actually didn't I see now... this is unfortunate
  3. Kaguya's Fuwa Fanfics - Discussion

    Is this thing dead? :c
  4. Complaining about chatmoderation.

    Lies! I-I-I have never really spammed the forums! I actually think the only times FSG actually spammed this were like twice and both times ended up with the threads deleted. Now fuwanovel shall succumb to the dark spamming of the fuwachat. Fuwahahahahahaha Also no "For Isis" option, reported , unsubbed , 0/10
  5. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I have seen Funya talking about something similar a few days ago and I want to vent off so I decided to talk about what's been happening to me lately, I have been rather not active that much. Here's a background for my story thou: I am in my senior year and the education system here is like this, you can throw away all your efforts in the garbage. If you don't do well on the national exams, you don't have a place in college, at least public ones which are cheap as no way in hell can my parents afford private ones. I have always been the top of my school, my performance has always been great. So prior to this year, my parents were pretty lax with my free time and how I spend it. I often had that habit of spending lots of time on playing and studying and sleeping less then nearly passing out. I hated social interaction in my life as long as it didn't bring happiness or fun time to me so I was known for being a brick who wouldn't truly stand beside his "friends" during their life. My parents knew that but never complained. I started this year pretty normally with an average of 3 hours/per day for studying and cramming before exams which don't matter anyways since the real exams are in June so these are mock exams I suppose (?). Anyways I have had numerous fights with my parents and I have talked about this before and these days tbh it's been getting to the degree where it depresses me and prevents me from having fun in playing or having the urge to study. I used to like studying a little since things aren't actually that hard and it's sometimes fun but now no matter what subject I study, I don't find it fun. I have had my mobile and pc taken from me on numerous occasions, my dad even threatened me that if I don't play for like an hour a day or less , he will not make me able to use internet. In other words, he won't pay for it. In case you are living under a rock, here in 3rd world countries like mine, families stress themselves with one and only one thing "I have to make sure my son/daughter enters one of the top colleges aka medicine, engineering or pharmacy". They have even started consulting people whose children were able to enter such colleges and they are starting to want to take the same retarded decisions they took with their children like not paying for internet for last 3 months. I study for nearly 8 hours a day now, sleep for 6 , have classes for 3-5 hours depending on the day and kinda play for the rest which is about 4-5 hours usually... They have started complaining a lot lately that since exams are in June and we are in March, I should start having a closed studying camp where I should study and study and study cause for some reason they think the more you study , the more you will get 100% aka a perfect score. I haven't got such a score in my life, I usually hang around 99% and in order to get into medicine college, you need a 98.5% so they are rather terrified. My grades in the mock exams haven't really got worse, mostly people complaining that I suck at drawing (I am the one who draws a pentose sugar like a tower for no reason) and I am working on fixing that. I have been doing things I never used to do , I have been taking detours after my lessons, not feeling like going back home, having suicidal thoughts and nearly attempting it once. I even tore a book once during my agitation and frustration.... To be honest, I have been trying to be a top student for mainly two reasons: 1-I love being at the top of anything 2-I love having lots of free time with no complaints So I always thought that if I study hard enough, no one would come and take my entertainment away.... the conversations have been getting even harsher between me and my parents. They have been talking about everything bad in me. Last one was yesterday before I went to sleep, my dad said something along these lines: " You don't look at yourself in the mirror, do you? You have no friends, you have no social life, there's no one who loves you other than your parents, you are overweight and you don't go to the gym and god knows when you will get a disease because of it. You are not any good at sports. You are literally a selfish cunt. You think highly of yourself even thou you are nothing and you criticize everybody even thou you are the one worthy of that criticism. Your only redeeming factor is studying and if you lose that, you would really be a nobody and yet you don't wanna just have a little bit of hard time and study deligiently". I have been feeling more and more tired lately and I have started to lose the fun I am having in my life. I don't even know what I wanna do anymore. What have I been working for and what am I going to work for? I suddenly realized I never had any real motivation to do things other than spending my free time with no complaints and that is being taken away from me. I am feeling extremely awful and bored out of my mind. And no problems are fixed by themselves in fact, they get more dire as time passes. My grades have been dropping more during this month and this will probably keep happening... I think that unintentionally, me and my parents are ruining my own life. This is probably a very long post and I apologize for not putting it in spoilers tags but I have been looking for it on my phone and I can't find it and forgot how to do it manually.
  6. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Yeah but she wasn't as great as I expected
  7. Kancolle Kantai collection

    So I finished E-2 just an hour ago, was kinda busy during the event and couldn't farm but at least I got urakaze and Suzuya. I am ok with those for my first event.... I will probably not be able to do any real farming till summer event due to studies Q_Q Also I don't know how using 2 BBs, 2 CVs and 2 CLTs actually cleared the last dance for me. Thou I was lucky , my Haruna crit twice in night battle~
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hearthstone is such a great casual game but all of my friends play and leave it so quickly :c Why do people pay for games? Please Welcome back, Taco! I am sorry to hear that but I hope you find a way to solve this while feeling comfortable about it Confession: there were two education fairs made by universities from many countries in Europe, in Egypt. The amounts of money you would have to pay are really enormous and since one of my friends actually has money and was able to make use of this made me feel like really helpless and depressed espcially since I was able to get myself some way to decrease the costs but even a 50% off wouldn't make me able to study there (I can get up to 25% due to my grades). This was probably just a small lesson and one of many things I am to face in life generally where not having money would make me feel like shit and helpless as I feel now.
  9. Windows 10 error

    This is a problem that happened to a friend of mine. Basically you know that people with genuine windows are messaged with the get windows 10 thingy so he agreed and his pc updated to windows 10 yesterday. Now almost every vn can't work in fullscreen: muvluv, umineko , ef , fate and the list goes on This message comes up: Saya no uta doesn't even boot up.
  10. Fuwanovel Confessions

    And it turns out to be a fateful encounter. You have just bumped into your soulmate. She looks in your eyes, you look into her eyes and then .... the anime opening starts as you say a poetic sentence.
  11. YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Anyways I hope you stay with us for as long as you can! I hope your health gets better. And I hope I am entertaining you enough, you freaking faggot
  12. unforgettable skype quotes

    I thought you slept so I could use this against you kuso
  13. unforgettable skype quotes

    Funya has been exposed
  14. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I always intended to do such things but I end up sleeping all day ;w; I hate winters
  15. Hearthstone

    Well I am still happy some broken cards will be gone from the game that were just seen everywhere like shredders and DR Boom , I am happy I didn't craft DR boom. Thou I gotta say I will miss loathen and nerubian eggs ;w; , that's why I have decided I will try to get legend this month with zoolock ... hopefully I succeed to. I hope many new archetypes will come out to existence and I also hope the meta won't shape around a certain deck like how it did with patron and secret. It was like any deck that can pull some wins from paladin can get many wins in ranked aka almost all meta decks. For the last two seasons, Druid has been the deck I see in higher ranks during the last twenty days (aka rank 5 and above) along with secret paladin, they both seem to me like the strongest decks atm thou I still suck at midrange druid and I never wanted to craft war or boom so there's that. And aggro druid might be rip without fel reaver (I think it's gvg if I remember correctly). Standard will probably nerf secret paladin a lot but they really need a 3 drop if muster is gone.... I think there's so much potential in wild format but people will probably go to standard format which can be nice and all. The only people left in the wild format will be the people who love their cancer decks so much they can't live without them. I don't really think this will slow down the meta at all. They will probably release more dumb early game minions in the new expansion , I just want the druid combo to be nerfed , I don't care how. I miss patron I also wanna congratulate the winner of fuwa 2015 hearthstone championship (EU version) : @Zakamutt who has lost only two sets, one against me because of an awesome pyromancer that fucked up his combo and one against @Jptje I think , he was able to win the whole tournament thou. Congratz, zaka! *pachi pachi pachi*
  16. Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    I will bitch about soraka everyday , her heals are so bullshit in lane , an adc shouldn't be going so unpunished for being poked all the time and outsustain the opposing adc and support. In the meantime , about 3 weeks ago, I found this treasure and I have been using it since, my life is complete. The weeb inside me is content, tristana , leona and nasus are my favorite. Poppy is really nice too. I spammed the game too much after I have come back to it that I became bronze III after placements, climbing sure is easy thou, gotta love the bronze players
  17. Kancolle Kantai collection

    my mission is to get graf using as few resources as this just to make you salty And yeah I haven't prepared myself at all , leveling DDs is such a pain
  18. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Lies , Lies. I got many presents this year from Santa himself. Hmph Are there vns with such routes?.... there must be...
  19. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: Today I had one of the most heart-touching sad moments. There's that old lady who lives alone on the third floor , she has 3 sons who are married and living in different areas. So I was going down the stairs carrying the bag or rubbish out when she called out to me. And then she cried and kept begging me to use my mobile to call her son..... I didn't know what to do tbh. I told her I had no mobile and then showed her my empty pockets (I left my phone upstairs home), she then kept saying the same thing along the lines of please help me, god bless you , help this old lady, I just want to call my son , any of the three , I want them to come here and pick me up....... And the thing is I know them quite well , they would tell me they have no time or that I should call the caretaker to come and have fun with her since that's what she wants. It really depressed me and made me really sad. How can someone forget and ignore their parent this much?.... I don't care about his children or wife .... and the thing is these 3 sons actually left their mother there because they fought with each other about who should take care of her, each of them was arguing that he can't really take care of her and so they left her there......
  20. Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    Some of them are good, some aren't. Nasu's shit, yasuo's shit, vayne's shit I like Annie's, Jinx's , lux's , braum's and miss fortune's I haven't tried much of the characters thou I am just a weeb anyways so this satisfies me to a great extent
  21. Fuwanovel Confessions

    You guys broke my mobile , I hate you You even make me keep opening and opening.... QQ Change back or we all riot
  22. Fuwanovel League of Legends Thread

    Anyone on euwest and still plays the game? I am feeling lonely.
  23. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Happy late new year and I have to say I am pretty happy you still haven't got Urakaze In the meantime, I have been getting kongou class ships everywhere even from LSC.... not sad thou... nice fodders....
  24. Fate/Grand Order

    Summoning successful Thou I am a bit late.... I kinda deleted this game cause I was so busy and my free time was packed with other games... since I am starting to get bored of these games, I might start playing this game again. Good thing I binded my account. Dunno if it still works, it should thou Anyways if anyone posts his ID, feel free to summon me again
  25. The day that skype ruined me.

    No Dick jokes? 0/10 YOU GUYS SUCK I wanna suck it thou, please ;_;