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  1. My dear lovely Chewy, I would really appreciate if you didn't condemn yourself in such a way. Self-hatred is a parasite that eats you from the inside out and you are the one who's feeding it. Please don't do that, you are a lovely person with an admireable personality. Anyone would love talking to you. I have known you for a long time and you are the source of anything but suffering or pain. You have been the source of the happiness and joy of numerous people including me. Love yourself and improve yourself. You are one of the greatest people on this forum, no in this world, and you can only go forward. However such negativity would never get you anywhere, only positivity will get you to become the brightest human out there, a human that you can be satisfied with becoming. And I am sure you can do it. I wouldn't post this if I did not have faith in you. Fly. Break your chains and trust me when I tell you this, you are boundless. Nothing can stop you or diminish your spirit, NOTHING. So again I am begging you not to say such horrible and degrading things about the amazing person you are.
  2. Senpai Noticed Fuwanovel!

    千尋の奈落へよこそ、唾棄すべき殉教者よ 我が名はめぐみん!アークウィザードの生業とし最強の攻撃魔法爆裂魔法を操る者!
  3. Hi everyone!

    ハローハロー 私は淫乱だ 男のベッドで身悶える よろしくね
  4. Hearthstone

    It's not dead! I have just seized being salty Also fuck college
  5. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Another comrade~~~~~
  6. The Fuwa shipping thread

    You see my imouto's voice is so kawaii desu it makes me cum all over the place just by hearing it, it's awesome. You should listen to it. Although she is a bit shy.
  7. The Fuwa shipping thread

  8. The Temple of Nya~

    I was listening to this Great thread 10/10 would nya again totes not necroing
  9. Nolstalgic Music?

    Man I sang these so many times in the skype karaoke and yet they bring so much nostalgia to me They are my childhood after all <3
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    I am watching Shigatsu wa kimi no osu , so far so good. I actually like the drama in the anime for once thou I guess this is only for the main char , I am not the kind who likes drama due to romance mostly. Also it's been a while since I enjoyed an opening the way I enjoy this opening ~~~~~~~~
  11. the character traits you dislike the most

    There are so many traits I dislike the most: 1-I despise kouhai chars in general just because the senpai word triggers my ears all the time , it just makes me annoyed since they usually spam it till I just hear the word senpai by the char before it's pronounced. 2-I freaking hate wimpy undependable chars. Like I am ok with chars that cry a lot or are wimpy as long as they are somewhat dependable But I just hate it when they are not dependable or seem to depend on a female and never man up even if they do at like one or two episodes 3-Finally, I hate the massive douchebag chars that all people hate because they are .... dunno how to describe it
  12. And since one meme isn't enough! Do Saberfags suck?
  13. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: here's something that pisses me off from some people around me: picking on people who work hard just to say that their hard work is for naught. You have to have met one of them at some point. I am not talking about your boss who told you that all you learnt at your college was not important at all. I am talking about that guy, that freaking guy who while you are doing your best to get high grades for whatever reasons during your years in school or college, he goes out of his way to tell you that you are an idiot since you are wasting your life on academics and he's that smart ass who cares about his "social life" more than anything else since it "provides him with the skills needed for life" which is usually a bunch of bullcrap. I didn't know that the art of parties and outings was the way to success. And then he starts throwing the "success is not measured by your studies , it's measured by your actual work." at you. I am sorry but he is probably one of the people who won't be able to work well because of his laziness. He is not Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates of the world, he is not a genius who has no need for his academic life since he will have some original idea or a brain that is full of innovative ways of making fame and money. He doesn't have to throw his excuse which he's telling himself and his family at the guy who's working hard. Being the 3rd world country we are, there's the problem that you might actually work hard and not have any results at the end.... for some time at least. It's probably like this everywhere except the degree differs. However that doesn't mean that you shouldn't bother or work hard just because it "might" be in vain. That's exactly what being a failure is. (did this from mob and so couldn't put this in spoiler tag, sowwy~~~) Confession 2: I will start my holiday this Wednesday and I am already planning so many things but my highest priorities go to: learn how to drive, lose weight, get a new pc, get overwatch and rocket league (and maybe csgo... just maybe).
  14. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I would say I am interested but sadly I don't really have the luxury to participate in threads with walls of texts as I have an exam tomorrow... maybe I will after I come back from the exam tomorrow
  15. I don't really have much experience with depressions and stuffz since I am just moody, I am rarely depressed for a long period of time and depression and other negative feelings are usually changed into anger which I vent off on people around me.... especially my family... poor guys If I ever found anything annoying about the advice of talking about your worries to other people , it's that the relief never really made me any better and for some reason everyone I talked to either makes a big deal out of my worries leading to an increase in my worries or ridicules my worries making my anger increase (thanks, parents and most adults I know). So I have taken a liking to keeping things to myself and just throwing my worries in chats from time to time when I like reach my limit. Other than that, I don't really talk about my worries that much because I have really reached the conclusion that no one can help you with your worries or make them better except time and yourself. Plus I sometimes fail to find the truth about my worries... like what am I actually worrying about? since you know feelings are vague after all.... I do really need to change my personality a bit, like stop being such a worrywart who worries about everything in life. Thing is that sometimes I worry about silliest things like how I will go to school today, how long it will take , am I late yet... am I looking good, who will be there blah blah blah , my mind is really working all the time thinking and worrying about everything. At this very moment, I am worrying about whether or not I should post this post, whether or not I am wasting my time since I am not studying and what my parents would say if they come back home and find me like this. Additionally, I reach the point where my anxiety and fear are associated with some physical pain like my hands shaking, or sudden jolts and pain in my foot or having parts of my mouth feel hurt like they are burning.... dunno what to call that but the doctors say they are due to anxiety. I have also faced an additional thing in college which is my eyes twitching too hard which the oculist also mentioned to be due to anxiety and fatigue like every physical pain in my life. I have also gotten worse at dealing with my anxiety which leads me to the point where my anxiety just turns into pure anger that makes me do things I shouldn't and make people have the bad image of me... I mean last night a friend of mine brought me a present and send it with my sister and because of worrying about how to repay my friend and how I will explain this gift to my parents and many other shit, I lashed at my sis for bringing it to me and even told her she should have told my friend to take her present and go away. Even thou I apologized to both my sister and my friend. I am the kind who waits for time to make his anxiety better, especially that the main source of my anxiety is nearly over... once and forever. The exams of last year in highschool which determine which college you will go to or so the system is here. Public college have ridiculous high degree in order to get there because they are basically free and I can't afford private college. And being the 3rd world country we are, my parents want me to go after medical career which doesn't so bad in itself given how much prestige and respect one gains from the society
  16. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I just realized who you are , dang it I think I haven't changed my p.p. for quite a while and I don't intend to for a while either.....
  17. Hearthstone

    I can imagine myself losing to that due to being unpredictable. QQ
  18. Hearthstone

    So it was true after all... Yes a team tournament should be the next one in the schedule of the group Also congrats on winning and crushing Babi As long as the other arab us defeated, I am happy
  19. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Identity crisis is always hard to deal with ..... especially that usually you just keep looking so hard for that one thing to identify yourself with..... It's depressing how you lose many things that identify your character over time then again that's a part of growing up. Even if there's nothing left of my old identity, I am sure there are new things that identify my new identity. Confession: On this account, I haven't got my identity card yet and I should have had it since 2 years , so much laziness. I might go to prison if cops stop believing I am younger than 16 Don't forget about me, guys!
  20. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Tfw not even a first world country Well you can't really expect a teenager to talk about real problems cause I have my parents to deal with such problems and such stress Thanks based parents You can guess why I hang out with you guys Yeah you won't get backstabbed as much in languages but being perfect is kinda harder in languages, you can't know if the teacher would think that your writing was so awesome or had so many flaws and there's no way to knoe that, he will judge it like a teacher , you will judge it as a student, it's natural.
  21. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I always feel like I am forcing myself upon my friends when I go through the effort of a 2-hour drive just to hang out with people but they'd never go through the effort of coming to where I live. I hate it when my parents ask me if I aced the exam.... how would I know if I aced an exam... how would I know if there's no mistake in my typo or translation...etc.. Like maybe I can be sure of how many mistakes I have in sciences but in languages... it's hard to estimate...
  22. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I can't believe that I just fuck up my English exam due to not sleeping well.... used some weird phrases and didn't notice they were wrong till I left (for example used "blend in" without "with" QQ )
  23. Fuwanovel Confessions

    But you know... the authorities are like the ones taking the decision here... these finals are national exams, same exams all over the country
  24. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: had my first exam in finals today and these finals supposedly decide which college you go to It was leaked along its answers and I only knew after the exam Everyone is pissed off because some people are gonna get high grades The first exam which is important wasn't cancelled ,however the second exam which isn't important was cancelled before it began and we went home and now our exams won't end on 28th but will end on 29th Sasuga Egypt