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  1. Finished 7 episode of Kanojo, Okarishimasu, When I first decided to watch this show, my expectations were very low but that first episode was so damn funny, I couldn't stop laughing. I really like the artstyle and the story so far.
  2. WOW many thanks for this information.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation sensei, it seems amazing VN. I love everything about fate series, anime game VN, sure i will read it, Thanks again.
  4. Yes, I've seen the whole fate series and archer is my favorite character , but I didn't know the fate has the novel! Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Hi everyone my name is arad ralami, Recently I've read the language of love, it is a really pleasant Love Story, combined with a very cute Family Life, I got really attached to the main characters, then I searched about the other your novels and I found your community so I decided to register, my other hobbies are playing games, watching anime and movies, so I hope we have a great time with each other here. Sorry if i have any mistake in my grammar English is my second language.
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