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  1. if the image does not appear now,the option would be the ones bellow the game on upper screen from it,the ones with a (G) (C) (M) and (O)
  2. i already use the locale,but cant open that window with it,if i hold the ctrl key and do the right click on mouse for emulator,it will open the game instead that window. Edit: Nvm,really sorry to bother,i was dumb but i figured out how to make it open holding control thanks alot o/ Edit2:i manged to fix the fps on it without 3rd parties so you really helped me like a god on this one,now this for sure will be my last question,is it possible to hide those options here?
  3. that helped alot really,if it was not a way i would unninstal it and if i can bother you a bit more,would you know how i can fix this corrupted text?i open this window using ctrl+double click on age patch,and i think on that direct D3 maybe have the option to disable Vsync without needing other programs
  4. if possible,can someone give help on changing windowed resolution?when i try to go into settings,it text are corrupted and i've already downloaded the extra jp font,and also : is there a way to lock the fps on the game?because since the fps is unlocked it keeps pushing my gpu at 100% all time,even on menus and the gpu i'm using is a rx570 4gb vram
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