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  1. Well, now I feel like a plank, the patch worked like a charm! Thank you for helping me! I don't really know if it really works because I just edited 1 image that was ready and applied the patch but it still worked perfectly with the 1 image so I think it will also work will the rest (34 images), if something happens I let you know, again thank you very much!
  2. Thanks, sadly, it's not going to be of much help, because I'm just thinking of "translating" this one game only so I will not buy TyranoBuilder, tried GARbro, and he didn't extract the ".exe" (where the arquives are located) but I didn't try to put everything back with GARbro (Don't know if GARbro can create a .exe but I will look into it later. The patch I don't know if it will really help, because... It seems a little confusing, the index is inside the "extra_data" folder and I can't put it back so I don't know if it will work, but I will let you know if it works. Thanks again and
  3. So I extracted the files and everything of a TyranoBuilder game to edit the images as showed here BUT, I don't know how to like, "Recompile" it (I don't know if you say it like that, my engrish is broken today it seems xD), put everything back, but as I said, I don't know how to do that, of course the "extra_data" is easy to do, because you just need to turn it into a zip file and delete the ".zip" (don't know if that works through) but the rest I really don't know, so, someone know if I can put everything back with the Arc Unpacker or I need another program? Thanks!
  4. Oh yeah just got to remember to ask this now, by any chance does someone know how to translate Flash Games and RPG Maker games? I wanted to translate Flatcheez 1 and 2 but they are Flash Files so I'm quite lost, I browsed a little and as always, didn't found anything clear.
  5. Also, If I need to translate other NScript game to french or portuguese, I just need to do the same that you did right?
  6. To say the truth I'm just helping a friend of mine that is french to translate it to her native language, my main objective here is to translate it to Portuguese [Brazil] with the help of a friend of mine... pretty sure this doesn't change nothing but it would be good to tell you that... Ok thank you soo much for the help, it made my life 100% more easy. Welp, nothing a can do, I forgot how to call "accents" in english so I just put the "pointers" xD
  7. It worked! First of all, I must ask for god to forgive me for being this Dumb! xD And Thank you so much for helping me in this! The both of you, of course, Also, I don't think this will be a problem BUT It seems that the game don't accept "pointers" (I think that's how you call it.) Example: This is the correct phrase: "Ma soeur aînée m'a tué" but then the game make it look like this: "Ma soeur ainee m'a tue" so it seems the game removes the " ´ , ~ and ^" do you know any way for me to like, change this? like change some arquive that it is in the folder or something like that?
  8. Ok, I will try to do that, if something comes up I send a message here again, thank you so much for helping!
  9. Thank you! Then I don't understand what is happening, I did everything right but the arquive don't extract and for what I tested, I also can't repack it, Do you have any idea why this is happening? https://prnt.sc/uh99ru EDIT: I tried 3 times and nothing... also, when I edit it, it says the file is protected and I need to run Notepad++ in administrator mode... EDIT²: Why I need to be soo DUMB! I just needed to run the cmd in administrator mode and then I got it to work .-. EDIT³: Soo... I think I have a problem again... I tried to repack it but it seems to not work, as
  10. Sorry for the late reply, was a little busy these days... Well you don't have to worry about it, a good thing is that now I know how to extract NScrpit VNs OH MAH GAH! how did you do that!? xD It's doesn't show the results so I don't know if it's because my Windows Version (Windows 8.1) or something like that... When I do it, it goes normal but the results.txt are nowhere to found... Can you send me the Results.txt so I can try to translate some lines and try to repack it? I'm pretty sure I can normally repack it but not extract for some reason... EDIT: I tried to do
  11. Thanks! I'II be trying to have some free time and download other games of the same engine, pretty sure it's not the tools fault but it doesn't hurt to try...
  12. That's the problem, when I do the commands it doesn't say anything just like you said and the result.txt is nowhere to be found, I tried a lot of times but nothing appears...
  13. Don't worry, I'm really grateful that you are helping me in this matter... Sooo... I did what you said but this happens> https://prnt.sc/uelq2c Basically nothing happens, I'm pretty sure I did everything right but as always, I don't know... Edit: I tried doing it again with the arc.nsa and nscript.dat and I did see that the cmd frozen for like 1 second... but after that nothing happens.
  14. Well, that looks insanely easy but I'm having a problem, when I type "cd" and the path do the folder in the command prompt it always says "the system couldn't find the specific way" pretty sure I did everything right but I don't know... I put the command like this: "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\The noose nscdec.exe" but it always says that, pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but I don't know... ok, nvm, It's seems that I did it... but another problem rises again... I did that and this shows up > https://prnt.sc/ue03m4 and the "results.txt" that you said don't appear in the games folder
  15. Hmm, I see... Well, I tried looking into the "arc.nsa" but as i said, there's only ".jpg" "mp3" and arquives like that, the nscript.dat I really can't open it, I tried to opne with Notepad++ but there's only codes in there... I'm really not familiar with command line programs... I used some programs and extracted some kirikiri arquives before but don't know if this is the same... so, what exactly do I need to do now? i'm sorry about that but i'm pretty lost myself... I tried opening CMD and did exactly what I did to extract kirikiri games but nothing happened... pretty sure I did a small brai
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