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  1. Thanks, just searched them up on steam, will have a look! For the rest, hmm might be abit hard to acquire them then, will see what I can do. Thanks though!
  2. Hi! Thanks for the welcome For Konosora, I have read it as well, didnt mention it as tbh I browsed it on a mobile phone a long time ago (lite version I think?) and then went on to read the full version after. It was a nice read tho, definitely underrated imo on steam for its price. For Hitosuba, its actually on my wishlist on steam atm. Havent bought it yet as you can judge me if you want, but I am a reader that wants to have 18+ patches along with the VN, but dont really like to buy them offsite (currently Im buying my VNs through steam only). Daitoshokan, Dal Segno, Koiken Otome and
  3. Alright thanks for letting me know, cant personally guarantee I will purchase them but will definitely have a better look before deciding
  4. Hi! Thanks for reading my post For Koichoco, I actually already read it, but I did not include it in the list, partly due to keep it slightly shorter, and also since I personally felt the other VNs I listed are ones I enjoyed more, but yeah Koichoco was really nice to read as well! Hmm tbh for Key VN's, I do not read much of their works due to the art (eg Little Busters VN, Clannad VN etc). I have watched the animes though, and only enjoyed Little Busters very much (Clannad was nice too but not what I anticipated compared to the hype about it for me). Would you say that the stories are
  5. Ahh I see, that might suit me better actually to have a shorter common route. Will definitely try it out, furthermore its from NekoNyan and Yuzusoft which makes most of the VNs I personally like the most. I see, yeah that might be abit complicated, and I do not really trust purchasing the game and downloading the patch separately, since in the event the patches dont work I will be stuck haha. Guess I will wait if they ever get an English release. Noted on Rewrite, sound good!
  6. Hi! Thanks for reading through my post and selections that I have read before! Otome games wise, yeah you are right in the sense that I am not really interested. I understand the whole premise of the genre is the same, but I still rather be chasing after girls than guys haha. Yup I have the fandics for PE, and actually bought PE w Happiness on steam. Although I havent really researched fully into all the VNs' fandiscs... prob will do that then! Will have a look at Tsujidou-san and Majikoi for sure. I've heard of Majikoi before, but tbh the anime kinda turned me off a lil, but I have h
  7. Hi, new here as a poster and wanted to get some recommendations for romance visual novels. Mostly looking for your typical romance VN stereotypes: Common route (make your choices here) -> go into heroine routes Some Romance VNs I have read to get an idea of what I am looking for: Fureraba Princess Evangile Noble Works Aokana Senren Banka Sankaku Renai Magical Marriage Lunatics Dracu Riot Koisuru Natsu Last Resort Wagamama High Spec Grisaia If you love me then say so Karakara Neko nin Sabbat of the Witch Saku Saku I think my list is quite long so that
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