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  1. Swan Song eng patch help?

    I tried opening the game file with the patch but that only opened the game. I tried mounting the game to my cd drive but that didn't work either. I think beacuase it's not a iso file? I'm having trouble posting pics on here. Told you I'm not tech savvy. lol
  2. Swan Song eng patch help?

    No this is my first account here. ^^
  3. I bought this game recently from DL.Getchu, but I'm having trouble downloading the english patch.I downloaded the english patch off of yandere translates mediafire folder. I'm not quite sure how to get it going though. I'm not very tech savvy and I only read two other visual novels, which were already translated. If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it. It's the download version, so I have no disc. When I try to install the English patch, it will tell me to insert disc 1. I have to hit cancel, but it will still download some files and create a "swan song english" folder.The "read me" file for the english patch said this:This patch contains:-Complete installer-Complete translation of all menus, scripts, and images-No-CD patchNote: The patch installer only supports the CD version of the game. The patch may workon the DVD version if you install the game beforehand, then run the patchinstaller, choose Manual Installation and select the game directory when promptedfor the installation directory.Hopefully This helps someone come up with some ideas. I'm at a complete loss right now.(sry if this is in the wrong forum.)