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    joshopit reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: With all my love for computers, I'm apparently a complete idiot when it goes to tech.
    For like a year now I was getting more and more problems with my PC's tiny (128GB) SSD, always running out of space and bottlenecking my system despite me putting all large apps on the accompanying hard drive and actively trying to keep things tidy. For the last few months I was thinking about various workarounds and only today it occurred to me that I should check out what kind of SSD it is, buy a larger one, make a system backup to an external drive and switch it out... Which will cost me like 70$ and a few hours of work max. Aren't my last two living braincells amazing?
    Edit: So, the surgery was successful and the patient is stable! Quite possibly, he'll soon be better than he ever was... :3 I had to make a clean Windows install after all, but I guess that's for the better after a few years of continous use. This should make the daily use quite a bit nicer... And my life by extention, considering the coronavirus is going out of control in Poland and I'm likely to sit in this room, looking at this screen quite a lot in the coming months. ūüėÖ

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    joshopit reacted to Inorin in Tsukihime anime (fan-made)   
    The only Tsukihime anime we'll ever get (excluding Carnival Phantasm)
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    joshopit reacted to dannyboo in Decided to visit again :)   
    Hey everybody,
    I spent some time on this forum like 5-6 years ago and I wanted to spend some free time here again so I'm making  a very brief introduction.
    Because if I don't write even a little, I feel like i'm gonna wait another years before deciding to post something ūüėõ
    Back then I used Visual Novels to try and learn Japanese, I was also taking lessons at the time and managed pass the N4 exam, yay!
    I haven't read any VNs since 2017, where I stopped working on my Japanese to focus on other things and now I'm trying to get back into it.
    I'm 23, male and from Germany. My online times might vary from yours but feel free to send me a message to have a nice chat
    Nice to meet you all I hope the community has flourished and gained lots of new members over the last years!
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    joshopit got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    This video is really interesting,I hope you'll watch it,lemme know your opinion mate
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    joshopit got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    I noticed that every guy who have a different opinion about something gets instantly downvoted.Especially in the VN subreddit where if u ask about something or you have a different opinion,there's always the sad weeb without life that is ready to down vote.Look,we get it,you're a superior human being (in fact you're in your 30 and still a virgin) and all but it would be awesome if you'll answer to something instead of being a Jerk. If I downvoted something, I always said my opinion but it seems that it's pretty rare (and that's why I prefer this place, since u guys are awesome ahaha).
    What's your opinion about reddit in general?
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    joshopit reacted to [Hun]Lepto in Did anyone else fill up their wishlist on VNDB mostly by clicking on the random quotes at the bottom of the page out of boredom?   
    It's strangely effective for me, like probably 60-70% of the VNs on my wishlist are probably from that.
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    joshopit reacted to InfiniteStarsDev in A new scifi vn creator from South Africa appears!   
    Hi everyone!
    I'm so happy I found this community! I am a VN developer that has been working on a scifi story for a few months now and I was finally able to release it yesterday!
    I'm excited to meet everyone here and I'm looking forward to becoming part of the community!
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    joshopit got a reaction from Templarseeker in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Ok,these are my confessions:
    -I can feel people's pain and I immagine their pain when they tell their stories:years ago one of my friends talked about his shitty father and when i returned home I cried because I thought how lucky I was to have a nice family that is not abusive
    -I hate when people say their opinion (it doesn't matter if it's good or bad) when it's not needed because I think that u need to find the right situation to say certain things.A lot of times I asked for a game or a VN's price and they said to me something like ''It's good'' or ''it bad'' but I never cared because Im that type of guy that have an opinion based on his experience BUT sometimes I search on internet to have a general idea about other's opinion.
    -When I want to buy a VN I torrent it and try the first game's hour to see if it's something for me.
    -I discovered anime/visual novels trough hentai when I was 11-12 thanks to one of my classmates.
    -I say that I don't believe in God but im religiously tormented because i cannot accept the fact that when we'll all die there'll be eternal darkness. I can't accept that Im an atheist and at the same time I can't accept that I was meant to believe in God. 
    -When I was in High school I was always alone because my classmates were jerks and mean with me without any reason at all and in 5 years I never talked to most of them.
    -When I was 15 I wanted to kill myself and I almost died.After that day I improved myself and im grateful that I didn't die. Remember guys, suicide is not the answer.
    -When I was 4,my parents brought me and my brother and sister to a catholic school and it was hell since the nuns that lived in that school sometimes were pretty abusive with my classmates: when I was 7 I spitted to a nuns's face because she was trying to punch me in the face.I was not expelled or suspended because they knew that they were horrible persons.Thanks to my action,child abuse stopped and we lived happily after that years of pure hell (I mean,I was never a victim of them,that was the only time that one of them tried to do something to me but i was pissed off that they were so cruel to my friends so I acted in that bad way). When I spitted to that nun's face,I said something like ''If you pray for God,then why you and the other ones act like disgusting pieces of shits?''...this shit still haunts me
    Sorry for my bad english btw.
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    joshopit reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Oh, don't worry about that, there's no "eternal darkness". There's nonexistance and when you stop existing, nothing that you leave behind or you imagined death to be can bother you. I know the thought that there's nothing to life but life itself can be depressing to those with chronic illnesses or born under unfortunate circumstances, but as long as there is something you can look forward to in your life or work towards I find it liberating. It's up to you to create meaning for your time on Earth and no choice you make in that regard is objectively bad or proper (unless you intentionally hurt others maybe). I find existentialism and humanism way more compelling and productive than any religion could ever be and while I understand that many people need religion as a source of hope and meaning, or are instinctively drawn to it... It just doesn't make it any more real.
    Holy fuck man, you were one fierce kid. Good job though, I thankfully come from a relatively secular family, but whenever I hear about those catholic childcare/educational institutions they ironically sound like hell on Earth.. 
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    joshopit reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: Reviewing long VNs is agony.
    I've just finished the first version of my VenusBlood FRONTIER review and on one side I really had a lot of things I wanted to say about this game and reasons to recommend it to people, but on the other, I feel like I've sacrificed half of my soul playing through all of it too quickly, and the rest was consumed by this Word file I'm looking at.
    Maybe a hobby that drains you from all your lifeforce is not an optimal choice after all...?
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    joshopit reacted to droganpc in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    My confession:
    Two years ago: "Anime is for children. I will never watch these kid's stuffs"
    Now: I'm not interested in 3D girls anymore, lmao
    Anyway, my favorite anime is A Silent Voice
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    joshopit reacted to Clephas in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    At one point, there was a discussion centered around how annoying I am on the VN Reddit (about four years ago, I think...) and some jerkwad sent me the link in a pm.  I would have laughed or cried if I gave a crap what a bunch of people caught by groupthink thought, but I didn't.
    edit: To clarify, I believe that large social media sites are an abomination that should be purged from the net so forums can once again take it over.
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    joshopit reacted to Spooky Saint in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    No problem with that. I just described what I felt about a vast majority of JOP on r/vn's discord. I am glad as hell they split up but the tardy ones got to keep the discord server. 
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    joshopit reacted to Plk_Lesiak in For those who prefer to buy/own visual novels on Steam, what is your primary reason why?   
    Regional pricing is pretty much irrelevant in my country, but Steam sales are a big deal and the convenience of having my whole catalogue under one client is huge.
    Also, I have my tiny Curator account to shill for EVNs I like, so if I can find something on Steam I'll rather play it there and review/catalogue it.
    Plus I generally don't care for H-scenes, so the kind of censorship Steam forces on some VNs do not bother me, or is even preferable... Of course, that is when Valve does not randomly screw over developers and remove games for no legitimate reason, but that's a whole different conversation. 
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    joshopit got a reaction from Templarseeker in .   
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    joshopit reacted to Templarseeker in .   
    Whoa it sound pretty nice, it somehow reminds me of VA-11 Hall-A since it has a cyberpunk kind of vibe.
    Hmm... What's the setting of the Game/Visual Novel by the way?
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    joshopit reacted to droganpc in .   
    +1 for nice music,¬†+10¬†for¬†CUTE ANIME GIRLS¬†ūüėĀ¬†
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    joshopit got a reaction from droganpc in .   
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    joshopit got a reaction from Templarseeker in .   
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    joshopit reacted to littleshogun in Birthday thread   
    Happy 36th birthday to our @adamstan, and also happy 20th birthday to our @joshopit as well. I hope that both of you will have a good birthday.
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    joshopit reacted to droganpc in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    Welp, I never spend much time on reddit, but everytime I read some posts/articles from reddit, there're usually some deleted accounts lol
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    joshopit reacted to Yuuko in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    proud jop here ūüėé
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    joshopit reacted to Predictablebeaco in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    I'm still trying to learn how to pull myself away from social media.
    Big subreddits have that kind of problem. Small subreddits with <500 people are usually okay. But when the group is that small discord/skype/keybase/whatsapp/kik would do the trick. I haven't seen the VN subreddit getting bad though outside some moderation issues.
    I find that when I use Reddit/social media, I judge people immediately based on downvotes/upvotes. I start reading to comments that I agree with. It's something that I do only with social media. Maybe it's me that is the problem?
    At least forums are obtuse enough that I need a desktop to view it.
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