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    Visual Novel Translation Status (08/23/2020)
    Before going to my VNTS Review for this week, let me try to comment on Zakabox at VNTS below.
    For Evenicle 2 demo censorship, let's just say that both Twitter and Steam did have a lot of complain in regard of the censorship. Also surprisingly 4chan was quite reasonable at this time, which is good to me because I find that some comments in regard of censorship are quite out of control. The sex scene that was cut is plot relevant, with Alex marrying his first wife (Kano) at 13 years old through sex so I guess the reason for the cut is quite reasonable seeing that Steam may ban Evenicle 2 trial if the scene is still there if we look back at Bokuten. Not caring much about Chinkamo other than it have cute and sexy little sisters lol, although I guess it's nice to see the Japanese play word. Nice to see that finally people can get Loca Love 2 legally from another source (JAST and Fakku) other than Frontwing physical copy which surely would be quite difficult to get even though it also contain English translation (No idea why 4chan didn't add that little bit of very important information, but I guess they too busy with cancelled Steam version). Rest in peace to Akagoei translation project, or if you prefer Latin then Requiescat in pace to Akagoei translation project. After I know that the writer is Kinugasa and some of the reviews did state that he like to not end his VN properly, my interest to get Akagoei is plummeted to almost none. Also I agree in that after several examples I can say that unspecified 'technical difficulties' in fan translation could be use as euphemism for going official, although nowadays it's rare to see that kind of status in fan translation. Agree that it's pretty awkward to have FD uncensored and yet the main game is still censored as of now (Thanks to Pulltop's hard and unnecessary works), and if anything else at least I can say that if Pulltop ever want to localize Miagete FD then I would say that it's one of their best decision lol (Obviously because it'll be a redundant and censored (Of course) release). Anyway with my relatively long comment on Zakabox done, welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week while technically we didn't have updates from both of Mangagamer and Sekai it more than make up with some releases, controversies, and the updates. The controversies here is obviously in regard of Evenicle 2 demo release which come with the censorship and all, and while for the release we have Miagete FD in that finally Alka manage to resolve their patch breaking bug at Hinamin's route. We also have two new VNs announcement, in that both of those are can be classified as moege (Chinkamo and Loca Love Volume 3). Let's get to see what I can write for this week here, and I'll tell the title at PS later.
    While Evenicle 2 trial release is good and that actually the gameplay is not much changed along with the writing, unfortunately it's overshadowed with controversy. Namely that it still have mosaic and one cut content. While mosaic is not too much problem to me, unfortunately cut content is another matter especially when it depict Alex's (The MC) first marriage. While at first it's quite worrisome, at least Alicesoft here did say that they'll try to search for the other storefront that would accept the uncensored version of Evenicle 2 if possible. One of the most possible store at this moment is Mangagamer, in that it's their previous partner for the overseas release. Granted that we can say that their relation is worsening, although looking from on how Alicesoft stated that Mangagamer still handle Rance, I would say that perhaps the relationship wouldn't be as bad as some people said. Anyway what we can do now is that we can only wait and see whether Alicesoft can released their promised uncensored version or not, and I hope that they'll be able to do it. Go get Evenicle 2 trial though if you want to try it and not bothered by censorship, and have fun.
    Congratulation to Alka in regard of their Miagete FD release, although unfortunately the main VN is still not uncensored. As for the release, I would say that it should be good if one want to see more of Miagete casts if you liking Miagete. Although my policy in regard of FD is still the same though in that I wouldn't interested with it and moreso it would be pretty awkward to have the FD uncensored while the main game is still censored, and speaking about that unfortunately Alka was too busy so they wouldn't have the chance to take care of decensoring Miagete (At least they'll facilitate anyone who want to do some decensoring effort if anything else). Still you can get the patch if you want to see more Miagete or somehow want to see the sex scenes after playing Miagete censored edition (Well at least it's pretty much the point of FD I suppose) or just want to play some additional new short routes, and have fun.
    With two works that have two different types of censorship decision was released at this week (Well one of those are only the FD of the censored work), I guess it would be proper to try discuss a bit about that. As for Evenicle 2 censorship, the controversy here is like Baldr Sky in that back then it's more uncertain when it come to the uncensored version. I also says something like that I'm hoping that GIGA would make some replacement scenes for the Steam version, although of course back then I'm not exactly expect that Sekai will make Baldr Sky all age only thanks to GIGA's pressure. Back to Evenicle 2, while I did say pointless anger back at Baldr Sky Steam announcement at least this time I can say that the anger is not pointless in that they manage to pressure Alicesoft to state in regard of cut content and mosaic (Although to me the anger in regard of mosaic is very pointless). While some people can say that it's too late and it's just an attempt to save face, I would say that to me Alicesoft here is already better compared to Sekai when they silent about Baldr Sky censorship for more than three years, and more importantly Pulltop in that there's never any attempt to acknowledge the censorship from them in the first place even after several instances of critics. I think that's all for my take on the censorship, at least for now.
    For some other updates, we have Frontwing released the trial for Loca Love Volume 3 that was somehow under the radar thanks to Evenicle 2 trial release controversy. As for the plan, I guess it's almost certain that they'll release the English version alongside Japanese version at September 25th later although obviously it'll be in physical version. No word in regard of selling it to another store, but at least Frontwing most likely will sell it to the same store at when they sell Loca Love 2 and of course it wouldn't be at Steam. Somehow I manage to forgot Taisho x Alice Episode 2 in the past so let me say that the plan was to release it at October later, and no you didn't need to worry about the bad translation and one man dub because Verdilish is still the one who responsible for the translation. We also have Love Lab have some progress with Humbling of Holy Maiden was at 90% translated, their secret project was fully translated along with 80% edited, and that they announced little sister moege (Most likely nukige) Chinkamo (Apparently not the secret project). No much comment other than at least the two sisters are quite cute and sexy I suppose.
    From fan translation, we have Mitosukushi Ura was at 93% translated, Taimanin Yukikaze 2 was fully translated, Harugi's Branch was at 72% translated, and Eustia was at 95.15% translated (Almost there) with side routes was at 68.54% translated. After one week break, this week we have Ginharu update again with currently Yuzuki's route was past a quarter (30.62%) translated and overall Ginharu was at 67.24% translated. Lastly other than Miagete FD release we also have Alka updating their Reflection Blue progress, and currently Shiki's route was past three quarter (78.2%) translated with overall Reflection Blue was at 80.9% translated. About Mimei, to be honest I just know it back at last week so I can't say much more other than it's another Shiba Satomi VN with her more well known work is True Remembrance. Speaking about True Remembrance, there's a new patch that import 3DS version graphic into PC version along with some exclusive contents, so if you prefer 3DS graphic of True Remembrance than get the patch and have fun.
    That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
    PS - As for the title, I did repeated my past VNTS Review title here which is quite fitting seeing that we have Miagete FD released. For the reminder, I did parodied Konosora English title that was censored by Pulltop (If My Heart Had Wings) and I changed 'Wings' into 'Stars' (Of course the FD here didn't have censorship problem). I also parodied Konosora FD title, in that I changed 'Flight' into 'Observation' which obviously not make the initial as FD like Pulltop always do at their FD. As for observation part other than watching the stars like Miagete casts did, it also could mean that a process where the doctor keep watching the patient progress in that it obviously fit Evenicle 2 in that the gameplay also focused on how Alex curing the disease that his wives have.
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