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  1. I belong to your dreams

    This is Saki's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/ZCGdlGX
  2. What I wanted to say is that it's rare to find a thread where people talk,they usually go for news or images or memes (even tought I admit that this was just bad luck). Maybe the guy didn't notice,it happens. Anyway my final question was about reddit in general and not r/visualnovels (which is not that bad compared to others subreddits). I noticed that if they see a guy asking for some tips or a indie project that shares the kickstarter,they instantly get downvoted. Look at r/unpopularopinion:people don't want to hear unpopular opinions on r/unpopularopinion ahah
  3. Sad but true. Rather than create a debate and discuss like civil human beings,they prefer throwaway contents. The less you talk and the less u think,the better is.
  4. Do you want another example? I think that the post could've gained more attention to this subreddit since it's something that is so personal...nothing...one guy even downvoted me and the only thing I wanted was a debate between me and others visual novel lovers but nothing. They steal memes and images and get a lot of upvotes,if u want to create a debate,it's useless since they don't answer and downvote u D: It's a sad place if u want to discuss.
  5. the perfect example of what you said is this: I mean,the guy just asked for help and the guys just downvoted. another example is this: This is an interesting topic but in this subreddit only guys who post images get a lot of likes (hell,I have 900 and 600 likes on the images of my sprites). It's frustrating because interesting questions like this gets overshadowed by mediocre things.
  6. You can't keep up with something that don't talk. Rather than argue for their dissent,they just downvote and that kills reddit:the fact that you downvote without saying your opinion is what makes reddit so bad.
  7. I noticed that every guy who have a different opinion about something (especially in the VN subreddit) gets instantly downvoted.Especially in the VN subreddit where if u ask about something or you have a different opinion,there's always the sad weeb without life that is ready to down vote.Look,we get it,you're a superior human being (in fact you're in your 30 and still a virgin) and all but it would be awesome if you'll answer to something instead of being a Jerk. If I downvoted something, I always said my opinion but it seems that it's pretty rare (and that's why I prefer this place, since u guys are awesome ahaha). What's your opinion about reddit in general?
  8. I belong to your dreams

    Ok,this is Shizuka's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/r8YU3fd
  9. I've already played this VN but I want the physical copy of it. I think that it's rare to see a VN that have bullism as a main theme,it's relatable for me and it's far from being weak but you know,different opinions Anyway have a nice day and thanks for all of your suggestions!
  10. Long story short:the game isn't on steam and neither mangagamer sells it so I trust in your knowledge. Is there a site like manga gamer that sells the game?
  11. Thanks a lot for your answer! I usually see that europeans uses ren'py and I think that is peculiar seeing that u can pull out a nice VN or an amateurish VN.
  12. How do you think will be the future VNs?

    I posted part of my project here,go to my account if you're interested Have a nice day m8!
  13. I like visual novels like these because they're not politically correct.
  14. How do you think will be the future VNs?

    yeah,I forgot to mention that. Anyway,what i wanted to say is that it takes time,money and a team to do a nice work and I think that in the future,we'll pull out masterpieces. Im currently writing my VN and I swear to God that I want to pull out a nice product,it's frustrating that developers here don't understand that the community hate amateurish graphic and projects. I don't care if it'll take years but i want to pull out something that is good, a lot of AM and EU developers should understand that Have a nice day man