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  1. -Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -A sky full of stars -Atri -my dear moments- (It's a nakige but it has slice of life moments too) -Dracu riot -Sanoba Witch -Air -Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble -My fair princess -Hello, goodbye -DA CAPO series -Japanese School Life -Kanon -Kyuuketsuki no Libra -NinNinDays -If my heart had wings -Making lovers -Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi -Crescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~ -Summer Pockets
  2. Ok,these are my confessions: -I can feel people's pain and I immagine their pain when they tell their stories:years ago one of my friends talked about his shitty father and when i returned home I cried because I thought how lucky I was to have a nice family that is not abusive -I hate when people say their opinion (it doesn't matter if it's good or bad) when it's not needed because I think that u need to find the right situation to say certain things.A lot of times I asked for a game or a VN's price and they said to me something like ''It's good'' or ''it bad'' but I never cared because Im that type of guy that have an opinion based on his experience BUT sometimes I search on internet to have a general idea about other's opinion. -When I want to buy a VN I torrent it and try the first game's hour to see if it's something for me. -I discovered anime/visual novels trough hentai when I was 11-12 thanks to one of my classmates. -I say that I don't believe in God but im religiously tormented because i cannot accept the fact that when we'll all die there'll be eternal darkness. I can't accept that Im an atheist and at the same time I can't accept that I was meant to believe in God. -When I was in High school I was always alone because my classmates were jerks and mean with me without any reason at all and in 5 years I never talked to most of them. -When I was 15 I wanted to kill myself and I almost died.After that day I improved myself and im grateful that I didn't die. Remember guys, suicide is not the answer. -When I was 4,my parents brought me and my brother and sister to a catholic school and it was hell since the nuns that lived in that school sometimes were pretty abusive with my classmates: when I was 7 I spitted to a nuns's face because she was trying to punch me in the face.I was not expelled or suspended because they knew that they were horrible persons.Thanks to my action,child abuse stopped and we lived happily after that years of pure hell (I mean,I was never a victim of them,that was the only time that one of them tried to do something to me but i was pissed off that they were so cruel to my friends so I acted in that bad way). When I spitted to that nun's face,I said something like ''If you pray for God,then why you and the other ones act like disgusting pieces of shits?''...this shit still haunts me Sorry for my bad english btw.
  3. This video is really interesting,I hope you'll watch it,lemme know your opinion mate
  4. First of all,thanks a lot for your kind words Anyway, the setting of the visual novel is in 2020 and certain songs are written for a ''special'' occasions: the song that u heard is for a dance scene that takes place in a big mansion and that's not the only one: Today I ended writing all songs for my VN (which are 49 by the way) and Im still writing the script while Im waiting that my artist will end drawing the other sprites Have a nice day mate and sorry for my late answer!
  5. Song I made for my VN: https://soundcloud.com/user-435199205/disco-2
  6. Even if Im late, thanks a lot
  7. This is Saki's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/ZCGdlGX
  8. What I wanted to say is that it's rare to find a thread where people talk,they usually go for news or images or memes (even tought I admit that this was just bad luck). Maybe the guy didn't notice,it happens. Anyway my final question was about reddit in general and not r/visualnovels (which is not that bad compared to others subreddits). I noticed that if they see a guy asking for some tips or a indie project that shares the kickstarter,they instantly get downvoted. Look at r/unpopularopinion:people don't want to hear unpopular opinions on r/unpopularopinion ahah
  9. Sad but true. Rather than create a debate and discuss like civil human beings,they prefer throwaway contents. The less you talk and the less u think,the better is.
  10. Do you want another example? I think that the post could've gained more attention to this subreddit since it's something that is so personal...nothing...one guy even downvoted me and the only thing I wanted was a debate between me and others visual novel lovers but nothing. They steal memes and images and get a lot of upvotes,if u want to create a debate,it's useless since they don't answer and downvote u D: It's a sad place if u want to discuss.
  11. the perfect example of what you said is this: I mean,the guy just asked for help and the guys just downvoted. another example is this: This is an interesting topic but in this subreddit only guys who post images get a lot of likes (hell,I have 900 and 600 likes on the images of my sprites). It's frustrating because interesting questions like this gets overshadowed by mediocre things.
  12. You can't keep up with something that don't talk. Rather than argue for their dissent,they just downvote and that kills reddit:the fact that you downvote without saying your opinion is what makes reddit so bad.
  13. I noticed that every guy who have a different opinion about something gets instantly downvoted.Especially in the VN subreddit where if u ask about something or you have a different opinion,there's always the sad weeb without life that is ready to down vote.Look,we get it,you're a superior human being (in fact you're in your 30 and still a virgin) and all but it would be awesome if you'll answer to something instead of being a Jerk. If I downvoted something, I always said my opinion but it seems that it's pretty rare (and that's why I prefer this place, since u guys are awesome ahaha). What's your opinion about reddit in general?
  14. Ok,this is Shizuka's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/r8YU3fd
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